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Planning for Part A

No description

andy dunn

on 2 October 2014

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Transcript of Planning for Part A

Controlled Assessment
Planning for Part A
You can have 1 side of A4 - this is a 'plan' sheet
What you can have with you
•bulleted or numbered points
•mind maps and spider diagrams
• short phrases and key words
•handwritten or word processed (Times New Roman, minimum
font size 12).

• continuous sentences or paragraphs.
The Plan
Explain why US military tactics were ineffective against guerrilla tactics during the
conflict in Vietnam.
The Question
You will need to explain each main tactic of the United States
After each explanation - you will then need to explain WHY these tactics were ineffecitve against the Vietnamese tactics
For example - 'One US tactic that was ineffective against the Vietnamese guerrilla tactics was aerial bombing. The aim of tactical bombing was to destroy key positions and force the Viet Cong to surrender. By December 1965, more than 32,000 tons of bombs were dropped by the United States, and yet they were no closer to victory. In order to counter the US bombings, the Vietnamese built a complex system of tunnels underground that allowed the army to take refuge when the bombing began. The tunnels were constructed in such a way as to allow the Vietnamese to spend weeks underground and out of harm's way. For example, the tunnels included ventilation shafts, an infirmary to treat injured soldiers, dormitories and kitchens. The bombs also strengthened the Vietnamese determination, one soldier said 'the bombs heightened rather than dampened our spirit.'
US Tactics v Guerrilla Tactics
Aerial Bombing v Vietnamese Tunnels

Search and Destroy v 'Hearts and Minds'

Search and Destry v Booby Traps and Mines

Defoliants v Vietnamese Tunnels & Camouflage

Conclusion: Vietnamese knew they stood no chance of defeating US if they went toe-to-toe. Needed to find a way of making US tactics ineffective in order to survive

Find evidence to support each point that you will make in your answer
Info on Vietnamese camouflage and difficulty in identifying them pg 26-27

tunnels & booby traps pg28-29
1 person write down a US tactic

the person next to you needs to write down which Vietnamese tactic would be most effective against it
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