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social issues of lying

No description

Grinch Dominguez

on 29 February 2016

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Transcript of social issues of lying

social issues of lying
story with a “moral”
my story is that I lied to miss that I had done the work but it was actually copied and had very poor results that removed my task and my partner the next day he apologized to miss from there I learned to say the truth from the outset that if he told the truth since I wonder would have been better
Express regret and take responsibility of lying
for I think lying is bad that sometimes can cause problems with the things we say , or the person may continue deluding herself whose way of thinking is not good because it does not live in real form if not in a way not real when you lie you do not know how much damage it will cause as we can tell the truth so that we do well
Discuss ways to help people in need
We can talk to people who are tied to the lies and tell them that if they do not tell the truth can cause several problems in his family in his work where this also there are people who can no longer tell the truth not always lies to that and need a psychologist

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