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The Modern Whig Party

No description

Cynthia Bissereth

on 27 October 2014

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Transcript of The Modern Whig Party

Whig History
Anti-Jacksonian party (merger of anti-masonic party)
Revived in 2007
The Modern Whig Party
Common Sense, Courage, Country
Work Cited
Basics on the Whigs
Economic protest party
Government ruled by the people
Four Major Platforms
Major Candidates of the Party
Impact on the
Democratic and Republican Parties
What They Believe
President Andrew Jackson
Senator Henry Clay

Original Whigs
Congress over the Presidency
Industrial growth spurred by a centralized monetary policy
Modern Whigs
Fiscally conservative, socially liberal
Compromise over conflict (methodology over ideology)
Centrist party
Division of Whig Party increased the size of Republican and Democratic Parties
Greater divide within our system.
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