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Music Band

All about Linkin Park

Deborah Parsons

on 11 October 2012

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Transcript of Music Band

Linkin Park formed in Agoura Hills, California in 1996 Chester Bennington was born March 20th, 1976 Mike and Delson intended High school together and they meet Rob Bourdon their drummer Mike Shinoda's Birthday is February 11th, 1977, Joe Hahn March 15th 1977 Dave Phoenix Pharrell left the band in college but then joined back in a year later Brad Delson's Birthday is December 1st 1977, Rob Bourdon January 20th 1979 Linkin Park has Powerful,Remarkable, Stregthening Song writing skills. Linkin Park relased five albums Hybird Theory in 2000 Meteroa in 2003 Minutes To Midnight in 2007 A Thousand Suns in 2010 and Living Things in 2012 Chester Bennington Lead Vocals Brad Delson Lead Guitar Dave Pharrell Bass Guitar, John Hahn Turntables Mike Shinoda Piano and Rap Vocals and Rob Bourdon Drums Linkin Park's Influences are Nine Inch Nails, Deftones,The Roots and Aphex Twins Chester Bennington told Rolling Stone that Linkin Park will produce a new album every eighteen months. That took the year of 2011 Linkin Park did three songs for every transformer movie 1) What Ive done on the first one 2) New Divide and 3) Iredesent In 2006-08 the band chose Rick Rubin as their producer Linkin Park sold over 4.8 million copies of their first album Hybird Theory The band made the album name xero but then changed it to Hybird Theory In March 1999 My favorite songs by them are In the end, Leave out all the rest, By Myself,Crawling, Points Of Authority,With You, A Place For My Head, Numb, Lying From You, From The Inside, Somewhere I Belong, Waiting For The End and Hands Held High
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