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Denbighshire's Wellbeing Plan

No description

Liz Grieve

on 7 July 2014

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Transcript of Denbighshire's Wellbeing Plan

The Wellbeing Plan Initiatives 2014-2017
Strengthening Our Communities - helping to plan a resilient future
Time Banking & Volunteering
Empowering & Enabling Services
Wellbeing Information Hub
Employee Wellbeing
The Denbighshire 50
Collaborative Progression Pathways across services & organisations
Supporting Independence & Resilience:
Denbighshire's Wellbeing Plan

Indicators of Change
Active Membership of Leisure Centres
Community Organisation Membership
Crime & Anti-Social Behaviour
Adult Education Programmes
Volunteering Numbers
Intergenerational Activities
Loneliness Indicators
Reablement Figures
Team Around the Family Referrals
Priority Areas for consideration:
Challenges of our rural areas
Supporting the most disadvantaged to build their resilience
Building the capacity of communities to develop and thrive
Be Active
Take Notice
Keep Learning
The Wellbeing Plan Principles

Fewer themes
Higher Impact
What matters most to Denbighshire
Existing Initiatives in Denbighshire
Rural Transport Project
Digital Denbighshire Project
Fuel Poverty Action Plan
Youth Engagement & Progression Framework
Anti-Poverty Initiatives
People are enabled by those around them to be active, connected and contribute to their community

People are able to take notice of what is going on around them, and in doing so, people keep learning about their world

People prioritise their wellbeing and actively plan to maintain their independence
The Vision
The Five Ways to Wellbeing: Framework for Delivery
To be refined and
SPB will support &
actively monitor
What will look different?
Wide participation in local initiatives
'Co-production' with users in service design & delivery
Vibrant cultural & educational opportunities
Increased 'Neighbourliness'
Next Steps
Formal Consultation: to end August
Publication: 30th November
Refine and agree basket of indicators
Develop business cases for the new initiatives
Thank you. Any comments or questions?
We want to:
* Add Value, not Bureaucracy
* Focus on Outcomes, not Inputs and Outputs
Could include.....
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