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bronte seljak

on 18 October 2012

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Transcript of ghana

Ghana By: Bronte Seljak and Grace Valentine Maps and Location The capital
of Ghana
is called
Accra. Accra is the most populated city in Ghana reaching almost 2 million people as well as the biggest. It is a rich town, there are different kinds of buildings, form old buildings to new modern buildings. It is a safe town in caparison to other towns or cities. Accra has been the capital since 1877. Point A, is where you are sitting. Point B is in Accra, Ghana. A B Weather and Climate The weather in Ghana varies in different areas. East North West Central -Rainy, June, September November -Hot -Humid -Hot -Dry -Warm -Dry Distance: 8707km Average- 26 C Coolest- August, 21 C Most Wet- June, 190mm Driest- January, and August People The people in Ghana Children are considered very privileged go to school. They only go until grade 6, and only if parents can afford it. In poor parts of Ghana, their daily lives can be very hard, and children do not go to school. Children Women Basic Information AREA: 92,100 square miles LANGUAGE: English and Akan POPULATION: 21,000,000 Women in Ghana work hard, they get a job and make money. Some women farm, this will lead to better future
with there family. Woman or Mothers also work hard doing family chores. Food Food (cc) image by nuonsolarteam on Flickr Breakfast Lunch Dinner If people are able to have breakfast, they would have something simple such as rice and potatoes. people have small meals, especially breakfast. People in Ghana do not normally eat lunch. If they do, they would again have something simple. Dinner is the main meal. Dinner includes vegetables, rices, and sometimes chicken or meat. Sometimes it will be a chicken curry with rice and naan. Clothes People in Ghana have baggy clothes, to let the wind flow through. Most people have very colourful clothes. The woman in the family make the clothes for their family and to sell. Traditions/Cultures Marriage
A marriage in Ghana is not all the bride and grooms decision.

The bride will get proposed to by the groom knocking on the door, with lots of flowers and gifts.

In the ceremony, the father of the bride with ask the bride as many as three times before the marriage is official.

The reception could include many differnet dishes and music. Holidays Public Holiday Date Independence Day Mar. 6th Good Friday/Easter Monday Mar. 29th-Apr. 1st Africa Unity Day May 25th Farmer's Day Dec. 2nd Chrismas Day Dec. 25th Boxing Day Dec. 26th * all dates are 2013 Trade Ghana and Canada have a well organized trading relationship and it is expanding. Ghana Exports Ghana Imports 0 50 100 150 200 250 300 350 *Each number equals million cocoa, gold, timber, electricity, diamonds and fish, wood, and machinery. Exports- Ghana Furniture, cola nuts, fruits, Imports- Ghana Fuel, Energy, Oil Vehicles, Electronical equiptment, and some cereals Dollars Invested Ghana's Imports and Exports Government In Ghana they have a constitutional democracy. This means: the people have the power to vote, and the power to pick who they want as their leader. dance Dance Dance is part of a traditional culture. They move freely to the music. The four main types of dance:
Contemporary, Traditional, Gospel, Imported. Music The music in Ghana has a very steady beat. They have handmade drums, and instruments. They play as the go. Thank you for watching our presentation
STUDENTS AND TEACHERS, Any questions? Indistries Company Industry Bank of Ghana -Banking -Financial Service Ghana Post -Postal services Ghana Railway -Rail Transportation Golden Web -Food Processing Produce Buying
Company -Cocoa Bean company Industries Ghana BiBiLiOGRAPHY WEBSITES
9.www.yahoo.com PEOPLE 1.Sarina Condello
2.Christina Valentine
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