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Basic Vocabulary

Bob Hasak

on 18 September 2017

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Transcript of Photography

Photography and Film vocabulary
ambient light is the
available light in a space
(no forced light from photographer)
the difference between light and dark values
a source of illumination that lightens shadows cast by the main light
Fisheye Lens
Photo taken with a fisheye lens
An extreme-wide-angle lens in which all lines appear to curve around the center
key light
key light
fill light
puts light where there once was shadow
colors with similar tint may blend together,
even if they aren't the same color
Light from behind the subject, heading toward the camera
Back Lighting
Low Contrast
High Contrast
Sunlight coming from behind the subject (horse) makes it difficult to see detailed features of the subject
The amount of light falling on a sensitive material. Controlled with aperture and shutter speed settings
Long Exposure - lens shutter open for a longer time
Short Exposure - lens shutter open for a very short time
stark difference between dark and light colors
Long Exposure
Short Exposure
Fisheye Lens
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