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Learning Styles VARK Workshop

MSU Denver TRiO SSS Workshop Fa 2012


on 6 September 2016

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Transcript of Learning Styles VARK Workshop

Learning and Intelligence Styles


First, let's take the test!
What is a "Learning Style"?
applying it to:
your studies
your goals
Using the Information
Ways to consume information
Learning Style
Underline 2 or 3 things you already do well

**Star 2 or 3 things you think you can try
Look over your
Understand your:
Input (best teaching method)
Study Without Tears (SWOT: best study methods)
Output (best way to take a test or do an assignment)
... now share
So you learned about yourself...
Top Result
Pick up your handouts
Prepare an explanation of best
, and
methods for your VARK style
Get into groups
by VARK result
2 Glows:
What are two things you already do well?
Tying it in:
Two glows and a grow
1 Grow:
What is one area you would like to grow? What technique will you use next week to help that?
Kinesthetic approach to science
Extras: Musical approach to math
Dance Your Ph.D. example
Click arrow on the right!
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