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Ancient Egyptian Creation Myths

No description

Taylor Dowdy

on 10 September 2013

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Transcript of Ancient Egyptian Creation Myths

Ancient Egyptian Creation Myths
Before the beginning of time, there was Nu.
The Order of Maat
Creation of Man
He created himself usising his thoughts and will. There was nowhere to stand, so he created a hill. He had one all-seeing eye, so he could see all of the universe. Atum was alone in the world, so he joined with his shadow to create a son and a daughter.
He is Atum's son, and gave birth to him by spitting him out. He was made god of the air.
Atum vomited up his daughter, and she was was the goddess of mist and moisture.
Geb and Nut
Geb represents the earth, and Nut represents the sky. They were tangled together as one.
Earth and Sky
Shu pushed Nut up, where she was always arched over Geb. They longed to be together. However, to fulfill their purpose they had to be apart.
Nut made it rain, so Geb could produce plants on earth. Nut gave birth to a sun every night before dawn. It died at sunset.
Other Gods
There was Isis, queen of the gods, and Hathor, goddess of love and beauty. Osiris was the god of wisdom and justice, Seth, the god of evil, and Thoth, the god of wisdom. There was also Nephthys who was the protector of the dead.
The loss of Shu and Tefnut
The chaos was still very great, and Shu and Tefnut got lost in Nu. Atum sent his all-seeing eye into the heavens and earth to find Shu and Tefnut.
The Return
In time, they were found and returned with the eye. When Atum saw Shu and Tefnut, he wept tears of joy.
When the tears hit the earth, they formed the first men. They populated the earth and were told to uphold the truth and balance of Maat. They were responsible for taking care of the eath and worshiping the gods.
Shu and Tefnut...
Together they were tasked to bring end chaos, and bring order and stability. By dividing chaos, they created light and dark.
The Tasks of Geb and Nut
BY: Taylor Dowdy
Katie Kreutztrager
Samantha Hurst

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