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Problem Solving


John Henry

on 31 May 2011

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Transcript of Problem Solving

Workshop Activities Diamond Hotel Pty Ltd Diamond Hotel is the epitome of luxury, an ideal choice to have when trying to plan a much earned vacation away from the stresses of life.
trategically located in the cities around the world, including Australia, Beijing, Kenya and Mumbai
Diamond Hotel has 2,000 employees across Australia and internationally. We guarantee you will depart feeling polished and renewed Analysing & Diagnosing Decision-Making Programmed Decision-Making Non-programmed Decision-Making Source: http://www.jaguared.com/catalog/product/MakingDecisionsBeingAssertiveVideo,286.aspx Source: http://www.jaguared.com/catalog/product/MakingDecisionsBeingAssertiveVideo,286.aspx Step 1: Identify the problem
Step 2: Establish objective
Step 3: Analyse the problem
Step 4: Generate alternative solutions
Step 5: Impliment the decision
Step 6: Follow up and evaluate the result Source: http://www.gmat-tutor.blogspot.com Reasoning Beijing Australia Kenya Mumbai Source:http://www.artistrising.com/products/238130/aged-pirate-old-world-map.htm Problem Solving "If i had only one hour to save the world, i would spend fifty-five minutes defining the problem, and only five minutes finding the solution" ~ Albert Einstein Source: http://www.toonpool.com/cartoons/Einstein_94395 Working through details of a problem to reach a solution Source:http://www.ignatius.sa.edu.au/co-corricular-detail1/future-problem-solving/ Source:http://my.opera.com/Bjørk/albums/showpic.dml?album=61106&picture=740291 Diamond Hotel’s dream and mission is to provide the best customer services and catering to all our guests Source: http://www.radisson.com/shanghai-hotel-cn-200052/chnsghai Customer Service Source: http://www.lakehotel.com/employment.htm Solution? Six Thinking Hats Analysing
Focus on the main problem.
Ask for input.
Making reccomendations Diagnosing
Analyse the cause and nature of the problem.
To look for signs and sympotoms of potential issues. Automatic and effective (system 1) - Emotional influences
- Intuitive reasoning Purposeful and Rational (system 2) - Logical reasoning Deontic Reasoning - Constrains action of individual Ishikawa's Diagram Problem Solving Decision-Making Solution? Step 1: Identify the problem clearly
Step 2: Establish objectives
Step 3: Analyse the problem to determine its cause
Step 4: Generate alternative solutions
Step 5: Implement the decision
Step 6: follow up and evaluate results Source: http//www.jaguared.com/catalog/prouct/MakingDecisionsBeingAssertiveVideo.286.aspx Source: http//www.jaguared.com/catalog/prouct/MakingDecisionsBeingAssertiveVideo.286.aspx Programmed decision-making Non-programmed decision-making Reasoning Automatic and Effective (system 1) - Emotional influences
- Intuitive reasoning Purposeful and Rational (system 2) - Logical reasoning Deontic Reasoning - Constrains action of the individual Source: http://liftlab.com/think/fabien/category/online-communities/ (Goddard, 2007) Non-programmed decision making Analysing and diagnosing
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