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No description

Betty Tekle

on 19 November 2013

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Transcript of Scholarship

Hello to the New World
Teach Seniors Technology
Due date. January 3, 2014
Teach grandparent pr another older adult connected with technology
Submit an application
Recycling Scholarship
Due date. 13, 2013
Collect 50 cans,more cans collected better chance of winning
Submit an application
The Way out
Sign up for a jean drive so you will be providing jeans for a homeless youth
Take a picture with your jean
Due date. February 16,2014
Submit an application
Foot Locker Scholar Athletes Program
have to be an athlete that's good on and off the field
GPA 3.0
US Citizen
Entering college 2014
Due date. 19,2013
Submit application and a recommendation from non-family member
Amount is $20,000
Amount is $4,000
Amount is $4,000
The Jackie Robinson Foundation
Graduating senior
4 year plan to attend a college in US
Show leadership
SAT score 1,000 for math and critical reading ACT 21
Demonstrate dedication to community service
Present evidence of finical help
Does not have a degree 2 or 4 year college
Due date. February 15,2014
Submit an application to the foundation in the application you should have 1 letter of recommendation the code for the ACT is 6570 and for SAT is 4248
Amount is $24,000
Help Homeless in your community
Amount is $4,000
The Cocal-Cola Foundation
high school senior
3.0 GPA end pf junior year
U.S. citizen
demonstrate character, leadership, seriousness of purpose, service to others, and academic achievements in application
Due date. October 31
Amount is 10,000-20,000
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