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No description

Mohamed Hakim

on 24 December 2013

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Transcript of Presentation

Thank you For your Support
Back up system
Before 3 months
It takes three months for the deposit to complete its full investment cycle
In that period you can only withdraw 25% of the deposit plus the accumulated performance gained
In case of withdrawal for more than 25 % of your initial deposit before it sustains 3 month period in our system ; your withdrawal is approved with a penalty of losing a portion of the accumulated profits gained on the capital you ordered for withdrawal of your account End balance (Penalty up to 50% of the profits)
In case of withdrawal for more than 75 % of your initial deposit before it sustains 3 month period in our system ; your withdrawal is approved with a penalty of losing the entire accumulated profits gained on that deposit
Inserting Your Location Info
Go to http://www.greenlinefinance.com/

Click on the registration button

Follow the simple following steps
How to Join
We aim to be different from others through our commitment to business and to the clients’ welfare and needs
Our vision
Oaks Brokers
This only applies with direct affiliation
We have three marketing modules
Get  from (1 to 10) clients and gain 5% of your affiliate's monthly profit as a bonus from Green Line Finance LTD
Get 10 clients or 100,000$ and gain 7.5% of your affiliate monthly profit as a bonus from Green line Finance LTD
Get 20 clients or 200,000$ and gain 10% of your affiliate monthly profit as a bonus from Green line Finance LTD
Affiliate program
You can transfer money to other members through your G.L account who have accepted your internal member request
(i.e.) members who are on your internal member list
Internal Transfer
Inserting Personal Information
Inserting account information
No Fees and no commissions
Various areas of expertise in international and local markets ( Real Estate, Currency, Gold, Silver, Oil…..etc.)
Fully dedicated support team
Minimum risk of losing initial capital
Performance up to 11%
95% of Capital Guarantee from client’s end balance
Account freezes automatically at 5% decrease from the account end balance
Why Join Green Line Group

We aim to maintain our position as one of the leading companies in the market and to always add to our product range to be able to meet our clients’ needs continually
Our mission

We provide Private investment and wealth management that allows international participation of individuals and groups
What do we do ?!
Green Line Certificates
Green Line Finance ltd (USA)

Green Line Invest ltd (Belize)

Green Line Development (Egypt)
Green Line Group
Company's Transition
Introducing G.L. Group
Company’s mission
Company’s values
Why Choose G.L
G.L. accounts
Affiliate program
Our partners
G.L. Performance
Back up system
Company’s vision
G.L. Surprise
Through our website
Through email
Through phone
KSA: +966 592228757
Egypt: +2 01129777332
France: +33 605917814

Contact us

As a thanks for your attendance and your continued support for our company we have organized a draw that allow 5 of the attendance to win 50$
Win a prize
After three months
After the deposit has completed its full investment cycle which is three months
You can withdraw up to 100% of that deposit plus the accumulated performance gained
This policy is applied per deposit not per account
Withdrawal System
Minimum amount to make an initial deposite is 1000 USD
You can deposit by one of two methods:
Wire transfer
Bank Deposit
It takes from 1 to 3 working days for the deposit to reach G.L account depending on the method you chose
Inserting Financial Info and Register
It is through out professionalism, knowledge and our commitment to the field and to our clients’ needs that we aim to create a solid relationship between us and our clients and our values are

Clients’ welfare
Our Values
Oaks Brokers

Falcon Brokers
Our Partners
FX Advising
Green Line
Green line Finance ltd
One of the leading companies in the field which was founded in Delaware state
Green line Finance ltd
A Company which is specialized in brokerage business,financial services and money management amongst many other financial activities
Green Line Invest ltd
One of the leading companies in auditing all the account management companies which is stationed in Belize
In the recent period we have managed to have a 3o% backup of your money into our accounts to guarantee the safety of your deposits
Our vision
We aim to spread into many major countries around the world more than we already have and to achieve global connection
Green Line Development
It is one of the leading companies in development and market analysis in the country and it is stationed and founded in Egypt
Risk Management (5%)
Only 20% of the company's capital enters the investment operations

This portion is carried on with 25% risk
Risk of 25%
Constant equity
Invested portion
The backup system provides us with the availability for any sudden huge money withdrawals
It also provides us with s secure base that assures a stable performance on a long term basis
Our Target
G.L. Performance
Green Line Group
Green Line Group has been established to be an integrated group that provides various financial services and solutions

We try to stand side by side with different houses of expertise in the middle east and be a strong support for every Arab investor

We have several experts in financial solutions an investment from Egypt and the Arab countries
Green Line Group
Our main vision is to be a leading group that is able to provide complete integrated financial services and solutions and to make economical research and analysis with extreme accuracy and experience

And to achieve that goal we have created Green Line Group which consist of three companies
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