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on 11 March 2016

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Transcript of Introduction

The Great Depression
The Great Depression started in 1929. it started when the US stock market crashed. This occurred all over the US. The Great Depression was nation wide.
Introduction/Where The Great Depression Took Place
More than half of the US did not have jobs. People lost their jobs and became hungry. People played sports or board games for fun. No one had heat or electricity in the 1920s.
Herbert Hoover helped by trying to cut taxes and he kept the budget balanced. Franklin D. Roosevelt opened a program to help people in The Great Depression. Eleanor Roosevelt found organizations and helped people/kids in need.
Important People During This Time
Q: What percent of the people during The Great Depression unemployed?
A: 25% of the people did not have jobs during this time.
Q: What month did The Great Depression start? It started in October. Exact Date: October 24,1929
My Q and A
Life in The Great Depression
Fun Facts
1. The Great Depression was one of the longest downturns
2. Kids had to work in factories
3. Herbert Hoover was the president during The Great Depression
4. Families had to eat soups and casseroles.
Cites Used
1. The Colorado Story
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3. Prezi by Brenna McDaniels
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