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The Best of Me

No description

Melanie Monroe

on 21 May 2014

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Transcript of The Best of Me

The Best of Me
Characters Continued
Tuck Hostler- Tuck is an old friend of Amanda and Dawson. He is a very kind old man but dies. After he dies he is still playing a big role in Dawson and Amanda's life. He is introduced indirectly.
The atmosphere that is set for the whole book is nerve racking because of the important choices that have to be made. It also a very happy mood because of the certain things that happen in peoples life that makes their heart smile.
The author of The Best of Me is Nicholas Sparks.The publisher of this book is Grand Central Publishing.It also has 333 pages.
I would say that this book falls under the category of being a romantic fiction novel. This isn't a true story and it also is about a two people falling in and out of love and making big decisions so that's why I would say it is a romantic fiction novel.
The setting of The Best of Me is in Oriental, North Carolina in 1984. The setting is the town where Dawson and Amanda met each other and fell in love. The dark haired man Dawson always sees is the guy he killed in the accidents ghost.
The authors voice towards the characters and story line I think is he wants to express how hard it is for them to choose but he always wants to the readers to fall in love with the love story so he tries not to rush all the events. I think the authors purpose of writing this novel is just to show people that no matter what happens love conquers all.
Dawson Cole- High school sweetheart of Amanda Collier. He comes from a family of criminals but doesn't want to end up being just like everyone else in his family. He is someone who mainly keeps to himself but is also very generous. He was introduced direct in the beginning of the book.

Amanda Collier- High school sweet heart of Dawson Cole. Has a husband and three children. Amanda always puts others happiness before hers. The way she was introduced was direct.
Rising Action
A couple days later of spending time with Dawson Amanda has to make a decision if she should stay with Dawson or go back to her family. Her mother tells her that no matter what anyone has to say about it only Amanda can decide what she wants to do. Tuck wrote her and Dawson a letter about only doing what was the best for the two of them and that no matter if they decide to go their separate ways or stay together that he just wants them to be happy.
Falling Action
Dawson and Amanda do not end up together, Dawson doesn't end up with anyone. At the bar one of Dawson's cousins has a gun and shoots it off and gets Dawson in the back of the head after he saves Alan, the son of the guy Dawson killed in the car accident. Jared gets a heart but it's Dawson's because he was signed up as an organ donor. It did not end as how I thought it would at all.
I did enjoy the book although there was some hard vocabulary and phrases to understand I still liked it. I would recommend this to a friend or classmate only if they liked romantic books about insane love stories. There is not a movie or video of this book out yet. Nicholas Sparks is a great writer and I think this was one of his bests. Wasn't really connected to my life.
Twenty years ago is the first time Amanda Collier and Dawson Cole met. Amanda knew who the Cole's were, criminals who got away with about almost everything because no one wanted to have to deal with them and their ways of getting revenge. But she didn't mind much because she didn't see any evil in him. He left his home and moved in Tuck Hostler because he didn't want to turn out like his family. After a few dates Amanda and Dawson sure thought they were in love but her parents thought different. Amanda's parents forced her to call things off with Dawson because she needed to focus on college. So she spent four years at college with Dawson went to jail for four years because of a car accident that he pleaded guilty although it was clearly an accident. After they both have lives without each other being in them one day they both get a a phone call saying the Tuck had died and they needed to get to Oriental as soon as possible because Tuck had left them special instructions. Dawson also sees a dark haired man very often and he has no clue who it is.
After twenty years of not seeing each other Amanda and Dawson both arrive in Oriental for Tucks funeral. They spend some time together finding out what happened since the last time they saw each other. After being together for a day they both being to get the feelings they once had when they were younger for each other. They go up to Clara's cottage, Tucks cottage named after his wife, to spread his ashes. Ted and Abee Cole, Dawson's cousins, start to go on the hunt for Dawson because they don't like him and want him dead.
Amanda leaves Oreiental and goes back home to her family. Dawson sees the dark haired man again and follows him. He follows him to a bar where his cousins are at and the son of the man Dawson hit a long time ago. There is fighting going on between all of them. Meanwhile, Amanda has gotten a call from her son, Jared, who tells her that he and his dad had gotten in a car accident. Amanda drives as fast as possible to get to Duke Hospital. Once she arrives she finds out that Jared is the one who is hurt the most. And that he needs a new heart because he had a heart attack and doesn't have much time with his heart.
Melanie Monroe
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