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Library of Souls

No description

Julie Do

on 1 April 2016

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Transcript of Library of Souls

Library of Souls
"Fans will easily lose themselves
in this most peculiar tale of all."

"I enjoyed reading this book so
much, the cliched, 'I couldn't
put it down,'doesn't suffice."
-Geeks of Doom

"A tasty adventure for any
reader with an appetite for
the peculiar."
-Kirkus Reviews

Genre of the book

Young-adult fiction
Dark fantasy
Horror fiction
All of the events took place in the past, present, and future but undetermined where the location was. Throughout the book, the main protagonists traveled numerously through a time loop. A time loop permits anyone who passes through it, to transit to another certain place of time. A time loop is also an area where a day is repeated endlessly. Those who have gone through the time loop and has exited it, will age gruesomely from the last time they have gone in the time loop.
Main characters
Jacob Magellan Portman
Jacob is the main protagonist of the story, not to mention he narrates the story as well. Jacob is not your ordinary 16 year old boy. He has the ability to detect, communicate, control, and sense hollowgasts if they are in his vicinity. He is the grandson of Abraham Portman (diseased), who was killed by a hollowgast in the first book. Both Jacob and abraham portman possess the same power, which happens influent in the peculiardom. Jacob is a very almighty, assertive, audacious, loving, loyal, and clever hero. He uses his amazing ability to his advantages, but mainly to protect his friends. Together, Jacob And his friends venture out for the search for their beloved headmistress who is being held captive by a perilous madman named, Caul.
Emma Bloom
Emma is Jacob's love interest. She is 88 years old , but possesses a body of a regular 16 year old girl, due to the time loop she has been living in all of her life to escape from the hollowgasts. She was formally the partner of Jacob's grandfather. She has the ability to make flames using only her hands. In some ways Emma can be very caring, helpful, or even passive aggressive if necessary.

Main characters
Alma Lefay Peregrine (Miss Peregrine)
Miss Peregrine is the headmistress of all peculiar children. She is responsible for the peculiars' safety and well being. In Addition, Miss Peregrine a ymbryne meaning she can change from a peregrine falcon to a human. (Hence her name) She is very caring, courageous, admiring to all of her pupils, yet she can be vicious to her foes. during the book, her and other peculiar children are kept imprisoned by her own maniac brother, Caul.
Caul Bentham
Caul is miss peregrine's evil stepbrother, who was always
envious of her as a child. Miss Peregrine and him share the
same power. Caul is a wight, who kept Miss Peregrine and the peculiar children captive. Jacob and Emma are on search to defeat him and free Miss Peregrine and their friends.
Minor Characters
A wight is the evolution of a hollowgast after a
hollowgast has consumed enough of peculiar
souls. Similar as hollowgasts, they hunt down
peculiar souls to feed on. As to their appearance,
Wights look specifically like human. Except
for their blank, pupil-less eyes. In the human world,
they would wear contact lenses to clear up suspicions from other people. In the first book, Jacob was viciously attacked by a wight who was impersonating his doctor, Mr. Golan.
The wights preeminent goal is to take revenge upon, and control the peculiardom.
Minor Characters
Hollowgasts feed on peculiar souls. If consumed
enough, they will turn into wights. All Hollowgasts
are invisible to the human eye who do not possess the
same power as Jacob. Hollowgasts have not a pleasant
appearance. Disfigured, corpse like, smelly creatures
that yearn for the souls of peculiars, especially
dangerous considering they are invisible. Hollowgasts
cannot enter time loops, which is great for the
peculiars who live in a time loop.
Minor Characters
Sharon is a 7 ft tall peculiar who runs a peculiar tour
business and chaperons peculiars through a place
called Devil's Acre.
Myron Bentham
Myron is the brother of Miss Peregrine and Caul. He is
owner of P.T the grimbear, and creator of the Panloopticon,
which is a door that contains many time loops.
Minor Characters
Bronwyn Bruntley
Bronwyn is an incredibly vigorous peculiar girl.
she can lift objects often incapable of human.
She lives under the care of Miss Peregrine.
Millard Nullings
Millard is a completely invisible boy whose peculiar
power will stay permanent. He is 88 years old, with
hobbies that include studying everything on an
island that they are deserted on. He keeps his notes
in an old journal.
Horace Somnusson
Horace is a boy who suffers from
premonitory visions And dreams.
He is 83 years old, and lives under
the care of Miss Peregrine.
Enoch O'Connor
Enoch is a 118 year old
boy who can animate the dead for
brief periods of time. He lives
under the care of Miss Peregrine.
Olive Abroholos Elephanta
Olive is a 75 and 1/2 little girl. She has
the power to levitate off the ground
because she is lighter than air. SHe lives
under the care of Miss Peregrine.
"I was blown away by the way the
haunting photographs were woven
so seamlessly into the incredible
plot. And Library of Souls has
simply the perfect ending."
-Nikki, Justine Magazine

Jacob and Emma are running out of time to save their beloved head mistress, Miss Peregrine and the other peculiar children. Through this daring adventure, they would have to face many treacherous obstacles. From battling powerful wights and hollowgasts, to going through dark, scary alleys. They'll risk it all for the safety of their love ones. During the journey, the protagonists go through painful injuries, and sad losses. It's only a matter of time to save Miss Peregrine and the children, and defeat the madman, Caul.
A trailer for the upcoming movie of the book, "Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children" !
Conflict (External)

Minor Characters
Addison MacHenry
Addison is a dog that has the ability to speak. He tags along with Emma and Jacob, for the search of Miss Peregrine and the other peculiar children. Due to his strong sense of smell, he guides Jacob and Emma through the adventure. His previous name was, "Boxie" which was given to him by his former owner. It was said that Addison did not like his owner, thus he bit him in the face. Addison took the owner's name and made it as his own.
About the author
There is no doubt that Ransom Riggs has amazingly written the masterpiece, "Miss Peregrine's Peculiar Children,". But, what more about the author? Well, Ransom
grew up in Florida, but currently is living in Los Angeles. From child, to teen, to adult he was always told ghost stories and British comedy, which explains the novels
he writes. He has wrote novels such as the Miss Peregrine's Peculiar Children trilogy,
The Sherlock Holmes Handbook, and taking pictures. The earliest book that he has written was the, "Library of Souls" which came out this year.

I would highly recommend this book, for those who enjoy a good scare, interesting humor,
or are in for some suspension. The book was given numerous considerable awards and reviews by authors who enjoyed reading the trilogy . Many of which were Harry Potter fans, as it was said that they loved the books because it relates to the Harry Potter series. The books were really overwhelming and quite franky, I could not stop reading. Large numbers of fans, including myself, were dissatisfied when the series has ended. Therefore, I recommend this book to anyone who thinks that the series itself seems interesting.

Towards the end of the book, Miss Peregrine, Jacob, Emma,and the other peculiar children are kept hostage by Caul, and also Bentham who the peculiar children learned, betrayed them. During their arrival at the Library of Souls, Jacob was shot in the chest by Caul because he was no longer needed or useful to him. But Jacob later found out that the scarf that he was wearing that was given to him by Horace, was completely bulletproof. With chaos raging through the Library of Souls, no one notices Jacob on the ground, completely unharmed. Except for Bentham who states that he extremely regrets betraying them, and will have to sacrifice himself to overthrow Caul. In the end, Bentham uses Abraham's soul to turn himself into a Peculiar-God to brawl with Caul. While the battle rages on, Miss Peregrine follows Bentham's instructions to destroy the Time loop. Jacob, Emma, Miss Peregrine, Addison, and the other peculiar children leave in success, leaving Caul and Bentham to perish.
Miss Peregrine and the other peculiar Children are captured by Caul and his wights, and it's up for Jacob and Emma to rescue them. But, both Jacob and Emma have absolutely no clue whether or not they are still alive. Going on the dangerous trip to find them will only mean a big risk of getting injured or even killed. Plus, Caul and his army are growing stronger and stronger, which leads to Jacob and Emma with no army whatsoever. Yet, Jacob and Emma are determined to save them even if it means risking their lives. The question is, will they make it?
Thanks for Watching!

Music - Pokemon, Lavender Town
-Julie Do
This book includes a lot of scary images, terrifying monsters, maximum suspension, and chaotic wars and battles.
Peculiars are any kind of species: animal or
human who have consecrated, or cursed
supernatural powers. Hunted by hollowgasts,
many were exiled from the human world,
and live mainly in time loops to escape
from threats.
Minor Characters
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