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CAP Media Presentation

Describe and show Propresenter

Alysia Alvarado

on 14 March 2018

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Transcript of CAP Media Presentation

Easy Meets Professional
ProPresenter 5
-Video/DVD ripping
-"Stage Display"
-Both Mac/PC Capable
-Single License $399
-"Corner Pinning"
-Easy Interface
What are People Saying??
System Interface:
-Bible Verse Input
-Live Video Feed
-Easy Slide Editing
-CCLI Song Select Integration
-Fast Editing
-Song Grouping/Arranging
-Media Ability
-Specs are 2 GHz Processor
4GB of Ram
1 GB of VRAM Graphics Card
-"Multi-Screen Module"
-Site License $799
-Upgrade from Pro4 for 50% off retail price
-Multiple Language Capabilites
-"Hot Folder"
-Printing Abilities
-"Fill in the Blank/Bullet Point" Feature
-A Variety of Transistions
-CCLI Songshow
-Planning Center Online
-Power Point
-Over 50 Web Tutorials
-PDF Downloadable Help Guide
-Free Demo Available
-Media Control
-Affordable for One/Multiple Campuses
-Many Usable Features
-Integration with Relevant Programs
"Every time I have the opportunity to lead worship, I want to create an atmosphere that helps people encounter our great God. ProPresenter has been the ideal way of communicating and presenting our songs. We use it every time we are on the road. It is dependable, easy to use, and most of all, creatively stunning. "
- Chris Tomlin
"ProPresenter has really revolutionized the way we’re able to lead worship. It looks amazing and is so simple to use. From now on, ProPresenter will be a part of our show experience and I’m positive it will help lead to some meaningful worship experiences for the kingdom of God!"
- Phil Wickham
"ProPresenter has been a great asset to our services!
The ease of training volunteers who either don’t have any background experience with presentation programs or are not overly computer savvy, has been so simple. Most of them pick up the basics needed to run a service in about 20 minutes before a service. ProPresenter has made my job so much faster and easier both in setup prep to training volunteers to service time operation."
- Matthew Wentz, Technical Director
Willow Creek Community Church
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