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Kiidz Clubhouse

No description

Chia Mei

on 13 May 2013

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Transcript of Kiidz Clubhouse

Kiidz Clubhouse Research- Pilot Testing Data analysis Design of Our Work Introduction Marketing Research In depth – interview
Mock interview
Pilot testing was conducted :
Are the questions appropriate?
Are the parents comfortable with the questions?
Are the questions in order?
Are the questions open–ended enough? Visiting Periods
Conclusion Task given to us To identify the reason(s) why parents do not send their children to participate in the activities provided by Kiidz Clubhouse Formulation of Brief followed by proposal
Research problem:
To develop a solution in order to increase the popularity of activities at Kiidz Clubhouse.

Choosing Research design:
Exploratory- No secondary data
Descriptive- Data collection & analysi
Selection of data collection method:
In-depth Interview Data Analysis Data Analysis Data Analysis
The difference between the entrance fees for members and non-members is very small.
Member : Non-member
Rm12 : Rm 15

They feel to visit the clubhouse if they hold a membership
A lot of parents just want to provide different entertainment for their kids and not stick to one playhouse Data Analysis Pricing
6/17 said that it is over price when compared with Boulevard playhouse
11/17 said that it is reasonable
(First time Customers )= 3/17
Over priced = 1/3
Reasonable = 2/3
(Old Customers) = 14/17
Over priced = 5/14
reasonable = 9/14
Greater percentage of the customers think that the price is reasonable
Comparison of the Kiidz Clubhouse with its competitors Preferred attraction
All of the interviewees prefer playground
Playground is the priority for parents to entertain their kids
Some of the Kids are too young for the electronic game zon (Wii, X box)
Well cushioned playground is safe Recommendation Visiting period
Increase varieties of activities in order to make it the central of location for indoor and outdoor activities
Increase exclusive attractions other than octopus (pool, lego sections)
Preferred attractions
“tour guide” within clubhouse to act as “user manual” for parents and kids Recommendation Activities
Increase advertisements
Encourage staff to inform parents regarding the activities provided
Decrease the minimum number of kids required to start an activity
Provide activities such as music lessons and outdoor games
Decrease the price of activities Presented by:
BG Recommendation Membership
Provide more benefits for members

Increase promotions
Increase discounts Activities
65% (11/17) customers are unaware of the activities provided by KCH
35%(6/17) customers are aware of the activities provided by Kch
None of the 6 members send their kids to any activities
Great number of customers are unaware of activities
Insufficient advertisement
Insufficient detail from staffs
Parents don’t send their kids to activities
Activities taught for cheaper price at schools also
Some kids are too young
Parents willing to send kids for activities however activities is not provided unless 20 kids register for the particular activity
Preferred activities not provided
Not interested in indoor activities -Research
-In-depth interview
-Data analysis
-Majority are unaware of activities or -most think activities are over -prized.
-Increase the awareness of activities among customers with promotional prices. -2 parents
-smoothly with no issue
-comfortable and relevant questions
-faced a few difficult (language) Pilot-testing Results Demographic Information FORCED
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