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Media Eval

No description

Josh Hornby

on 9 May 2010

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Transcript of Media Eval

Keeping it in the Family A documentary about football fans In what way does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products? In the documentary CITY! the interviews take place infront of a interesting mise en scene and the camrea is just to the side of the subject. For this reason we have done the same, our interview takes place in a box over looking a sea of blue seats and the camera is set just to the left on the subject We have used many differnet shot types though out the documentary, from slow panning shots to close ups on small detailed writing. This is in keeping with other documentarys i have watched during my research This is my newspaper advert. I feel it compares well to other print media as it follows the conventions and also asks a question on the reader. These are two adverts made my Sky. Some key features of these are that there is a star which audience could recognize, there is a sense of movement and passion in the adverts. Also a catchy line with the audience would think about. Finally the time and date of the show. When the interview allows us to we used archive footage. This is a convention of documentary media and stops the interviews getting boring and looking the same. How effective is the combination of your
main product and ancillary texts? 1 2 Passion Pride Belief Love Hope I got insperation from these words and images
they sum up football fans and what their team means
to them, i wanted to show this in the ancilary products Joy I feel i have showed this by using a strong sense of the colour blue, this gives the fans a identity. Also using the famous image will be known by City fans so they will identify with this as well. Just like the SKY posters i wanted to show passion and energy, again i feel i have done this by choosing the image i did. What have you learned from audience feedback? We showed our documentary and our ancilary texts to a group of people and asked for there thoughts. The Documentary "I got bored during the interview's, they
need to be broken up" "The voice over is sometimes too quite" "I like the opening footage of the fans, maybe add some sound" "The Mise en Scene is great" "More about the fans POV?" "I think the montage works well and suits the music" Ancilary 1 "Where is the logo? Other than that i love it" "What time is it being shown?" "It almost feels as if its coming to life" "Make the writing bigger and it will look top" Ancilary 2 "I like the advert at the bottom" "The writing is to small make it bigger" "I like the fonts you have picked" "The image is amazing" How did you use media technologies in the construction, plannning and evaluation stages? Construction I used a iMac to make the doc. We used Sony cameras to film to documentary. We also used tripods to hold the camera still and keep the filming professional Software used I used a range of software package to build my planning and the documentary
Word was used for script writing
PowerPoint was used for the planning
Safari was used for research and getting images/text
Photoshop was used to edit images and make the poster and TV ad. You feel the documentary works well with Ancilary 1 and 2? Information Sources The offical Manchester City website gave us important facts about the history of the club Wikipedia gave us information about Mike Summerbee and we also cross checked facts using wiki. I feel that there is a strong link between all my products. There is a constant colour scheme and the same blue has been used through out. The brand image of the football club has also been a vital part of the texts and the documentary, the clubs logo has been used through out, from crash zooms to behind someones head in a interview. What i learned from audience feedback
Keep the same colours through out
Cut down long interview scenes
Make sure the sound is clear and lous
Use the clubs creast at all times
Show more shots of fans and there media

CITY! Keeping it in the Family This shows the conventions i have used. Title cards, interview scene and long establishing shots.
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