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Brown VS Board of

No description

Suzy Corson

on 26 February 2018

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Transcript of Brown VS Board of

The case involved Oliver Brown and The Board
of education. Also 13 parents and 20 children.
Tried; Dec 9,1952
Retried; Dec 8,1953
Decided; May 17,1954
The case was in Topeka Kansas.
Also the court house was
Supreme Court of the United states, Ruling court.
Because of racial discrimination.
( she had to walk miles to school.) The school was violation of the 14th amendment
Brown Vs board of education.(Linda Brown ) This was because of segregation.
Brown VS Board of

The outcome of The Brown Vs Board Of Education was that the schools were integrated and a new law was set. They said separate but equal it was all separate there was no equal in any of it.
The plaintiffs consisted of thirteen parents of twenty children that attended Topeka district school. Most of the parents we single parents. Unlike Oliver Brown he was not a single parent so it would appeal more to the court. That is why the case was named after the last name. So the court would be more likely to support the case.
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