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The End of the War

No description

Mr. Dickman

on 27 April 2018

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Transcript of The End of the War

The End of the War
The Union Wages
Total War
Shenandoah Valley

the South's ability to fight.
farms, livestock, barns
Sherman's March
General William Tecumseh Sherman
Grant's Orders

Atlanta then march to the Atlantic coast.

everything useful.
Final Battles
Siege at Petersburg
Union troops dig in and keep Lee under siege for nine months.
The Union can replace men and supplies, the South cannot.
Lee Surrenders
May 22 to July 4, 1863
Siege at Vicksburg
What Happened

Again and again, Grant’s forces tried to seize Vicksburg
a city on a cliff above the Mississippi River. Finally,

Grant marched inland and attacked Vicksburg from the rear.

Grant’s forces lay siege to the city,

encircling it and blockading or bombarding it, in order to

force it to surrender.

The Results

The Confederates surrendered the city, giving the Union forces complete control of the Mississippi River.

General Grant
June 30 to July 2, 1863
Battle of Gettysburg
Gettysburg In4
What Happened

Lee surprised Union forces at Gettysburg, Pennsylvania.
On the first day of battle, the Confederates drove the Union forces out of Gettysburg.

On the second day, Lee’s forces attacked the ends of the Union line, but the line held.
On the third day,
Lee ordered General George Pickett to lead 15,000 men in a daring charge against the center of the Union line.
The last attack led by Pickett is known as

Pickett’s Charge
Row after row of Confederate soldiers were shot down.


Lee’s forces had to retreat. The Confederates would never invade the North again.

Gettysburg Address
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