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Representation: the cabin in the woods

No description

ryan hughes

on 11 November 2013

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Transcript of Representation: the cabin in the woods

Representation: the cabin in the woods
Jules undergoes mental and physical transformations during the film to cause her to become a horror archetype
the physical change that Jules undergoes
to becoming a horror archetype are at the
begin of the film she talks that she just
dyed her hair blonde stereotyping her into
being the 'dumb blonde'. the mental change to her is the side effect of what the scientist put into her hair dye. This makes her think less and become that 'dumb blonde' mentally.
Is Mulvey's Male Gaze theory exemplified in the film?
In the film we, as an audience, are made to be voyeurs
In one scene of the film where Dana starts to get undressed we see her doing this though a one way window and see her though the see of Holden. but Holden tells her to stop as he respects Dana, this scene is though Holden's point of view looking for the window. Another scene we see Jules take her top off with male man in the underground base watching her without her knowing. the camera angle and shot in the scene is from same angles of the man in the underground base.
how is Dana typical of clover's "Final Girl" theory?
Dana comes across pure clever person that doesn't want to take risks. the clothes she wears doesn't give of any sexual vibes to the other males, however one male is instead in her but she doesn't want to have sex with him which comes back to her being pure on screen. Dana survives the duration of the Film making her the final girl.
What were Jeremy Tunstall's 4 character roles for women and do they apply to The Cabin in the Woods?
Tunstall's argued that the representation of women in the media emphasized womens in four types of roles.
Tunstall's says that women are depicted as busy housewives, contented mothers, as eager consumers and as sex objects. In The Cabin in the Woods, Julies comes under the sexual role as she see shown to the audience with low angle shots and with the clothes she wears.
the other roles doesn't apply for the rest of the female roles. however the most powerful character in the film is a women (Sigourney Weaver, The Director).
In this film the male gaze is used mostly on Jules to make her more sexually attractive. The low camera angles and low key lighting creates that also her clothes shows more of her skin than other female characters in the film. When Jules and Curt start to have sex, she takes off her top with the camera shot of POV from Curt. The male gaze is also applied in the film when the underground base is full of male man watching Jules.
Summaries the way women are represented In The Cabin in the Woods
in this film women are represented as objectified and provide satisfaction for heterosexual males also as a strong brave female role. Jules is show as the objectified female and gets punished for being it. as where as Dana is the strong female and is apart of the final girl theory, this is seen when she starts to fight back and doesn't give up.
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