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Flight by Doris Lessing: Story Analysis

ENG3U - Module 8 Assignment (BG)

Beatrice Goyette

on 13 April 2016

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Transcript of Flight by Doris Lessing: Story Analysis

ENG3U - Module 8 Assignment
Beatrice Goyette

Flight by Doris Lessing Story Analysis
The story is about a grandfather who takes care of many domesticated pigeons. His granddaughter Alice, is engaged to a the postmaster's son Steven, but her grandfather is mad because he is afraid of loosing her when she marries him. She will no more be little. Later on Steven offers a new pigeon to Alice's grandfather, all happy, he releases them and they all enjoy the flight of the pigeons.
Inciting Moment:
When the grandfather decides not to let the pigeon fly away.
When Alice waits for Steven.
Rising Action:
When the grandfather gets mad at Alice and she does not care about his opinions, he argues with her mother because he does not want her to get married.
When the grandfather discovers that Alice is getting married.
Falling Action:
When Steven gives a pigeon to the grandfather.
When the grandfather lets go of his anger, he releases the pigeons.
The main theme in this story is freedom. To develop this theme the author uses irony by hiding something to the grandfather in the beginning of the story, he does not know Alice is going to get married. The author also uses mood, we can see that in the end the freedom of the birds make Alice cry. She also uses symbolism. In the text, the flight of the pigeons symbolizes freedom.
The Story's Protagonist:
Character Traits:
In love:
She is engaged to Steven and they meet on summer evenings "the couple embrace"(Lessing, Page 2)
She is happy about meeting Steven "he saw his granddaughter swinging on the gate underneath a frangipani tree" (Lessing, Page 1)
She does not want to listen to her grandfather, "The girl tossed her head at the old-fashioned phrase" (Lessing, Page 2) she does not care about his opinions.
Point of View
Significance of the Title
In this short story, the title "Flight" signifies more than one thing, the flight of the pigeons and the 'flight' of the granddaughter, her escape to adulthood and a life of her own, she becomes now free to fly into the world like the pigeons.
Character Vs. Circumstances
The main conflict is an internal conflict between the grandfather and circumstances in the story, these circumstances include the meting of Alice and Steven, the news of the wedding, and the fact that Alice will soon be a free woman. These circumstances cause conflict with the grandfather because he is afraid of loosing his little granddaughter. The conflict is resolved when the grandfather accepts that Alice will get married and no more be often with him.
Third person point of view in the story Helps us see the story as if it was happening in front of us, for example like a movie. This effect on the reader makes the story more easy to understand because the reader can see the revelation of the plot not only from the eye of one character but from the eyes of none and all of the characters. In this situation the reader does not only emotionally respond to one character but often to most of them. As for the theme it sometimes makes it easier to identify. This is how third person point of view impacts this story.
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