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Studying online survival guide

No description

Karen Bain

on 1 December 2013

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Transcript of Studying online survival guide

Studying online survival guide
Are you new to studying online and need to learn FAST?
Are you new to the academic world and don't know the language? (Sorry do not know)
Have you been absent from formal education and need to find out what has changed and where to find out the information you need?

This the page you will come to every time.

Access to Blackboard through your subjects.
This is not a punishment and you have not done anything wrong.
Just refresh the myswinburne tab and access will be available.
Get used to logging back in on Library, Blackboard and every time you start a study session.
Important messages.
Fastest location for academic resources.
Important Tools
If you need help with study practice this is a must visit location.
Most important place to visit to save your sanity.
Do it early.
To light a fire you need dry matches. To write an academic essay you need good resources that are referenced properly.
All are useful
Dry Match and the most helpful resource for research and reference.
You are not alone.
Be involved on the discussion boards.
Join collaborate sessions.
Do not get put off by all the reading and writing, it is worth the effort.
Finding the right resources online
Prezi.com is an easy to use presentation site for publishing online.
Yet to be tried, but looks to be suitable for overcoming collaboration issues.
Presented by Karen Bain
Baby boomer, trying online study for the first time.

Cameron, J, Nairn, K, & Higgins, J 2009, 'Demystifying Academic Writing: Reflections on Emotions, Know-How and Academic Identity', Journal Of Geography In Higher Education, 33, 2, pp. 269-284, Education Research Complete, EBSCOhost, viewed 6 October 2013.

Life, R and Experience, T 2013, It was harder than I thought.
Stress and More Stress, 2013, Assessments need to be properly written.

Library Resources
Search here
First Choice
What are you looking for?
Get used to it.
You are studying online.
How many did you want?
Reduce your choice
That is better but, less is needed.
Choose Database
Looks promising
Read abstract, it looks helpful so click on full pdf.
Learn how to reference and practice.
Sanity Saver
If you read an article reference it in a bibliography for any assignments you do. It is easier to find the article again if you use it and it is already referenced. If you don't use it delete it. It is easier to delete a reference than try to find an article again.
Remember to include page numbers when citing.
The Cite tab takes you to different styles for referencing. Just copy and paste the one you need
Word has some assistance with assignments.
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