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Career Internship program

No description

on 16 June 2015

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Transcript of Career Internship program

At Optimum Orthopedics
Lindsey Ewertsen and Kayla Jennings
Patient X
18 Year Old Female: Torn ACL and Meniscus
Patient Y
86 year old Male: Spinal Stenosis

Patient Y cont.
Treatment: about 1.5 months into Therapy
Patient Z
51 year old Male:
Torn Rotator Cuff and Dislocated Shoulder
Our Responsibilities
Career Internship program
1. Get ice, heat, and electrical stimulation for patients
2. Laundry
3. Assist any Physical Therapists requests
4. Shadowed Physical Therapists
5. Helped with scheduling issues
6. Take calls from the front desk
7. Helped patients through their rehab exercises
Surgery: ACL and Meniscus reconstruction
Current Status: 2.5 weeks post-op
-cannot walk without crutches
-wears a brace set at 0 degrees
-can bend knee to 90 degrees
Treatment: 3 times a week
Regular day of therapy:
Recovery time: 10 months
-rehabbing at Maryland where she will
play soccer
-Complaints of difficulty walking and weakness in his lower extremity

-severe restrictions in flexibility in hamstrings and calves

-Often loses balance

-decreased ROM in his hip

-Walks with a rolling walker
Working on strengthening, endurance, flexibility, balance, walking, and ROM
Sit to stands, standing on foam pad, and walking patterns
Could come to therapy forever
(Improving and Maintaining)
Could barely move his shoulder when he came to therapy (45 degrees out of 180 degrees)
Treatment: ROM and strengthening exercises

passive motion --> active assistive --> active motion --> resisted motion
Current ROM: 165/180 degrees
He will come back to therapy after surgery
(3 month recovery time)
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