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Car Expenses

No description

Monroe Gerk

on 26 January 2017

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Transcript of Car Expenses

Car Expenses
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Fixed ownership costs or expenses are costs that change very little over the time you own your vehicle.
Insurance on you vehicle is one fixed expense everyone has. insurance insures that your vehicle is cover for the most part after a crash. It is a fixed expense because you have it as long as you have the car ad it changes very little for the whole time you have it.
What Are Fixed expenses?
Variable operating costs are costs that can change weekly or monthly, depending on how often and how far you drive your car.
What Are Variable Expenses?
Insurance on your vehicle
Interest on any loan you took to purchase your vehicle
Gasoline, oil, and filters are all variable exposes because you they can change from month to month depending on how much to drive.
Gasoline, Oil, and Filters
Registration fees and license plate fees
registration fees and license plate fee you have have you have to pay every year, the fee go up every year but its a very small amount.
Interest on any loan you took out for your to buy car is a fixed expense because you pay back the same amount every month.
Washing and Waxing
washing and waxing your car are variable expenses because they change every month. One moth you may not not wash your car at all and another you may wash it three or four times
Tires, Battery, Brake Shoes, Windshield Wiper Blades, Tune-up and Other repairs
All of the above are considered variable expenses because, they can change from month to month. Two or four things may need fixing one month and none another.
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