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Target setting to achieve your goals.

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Mark Grant

on 20 September 2017

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Transcript of Target setting to achieve your goals.

What are targets/ goals?
Why set targets/goals?
Targets and goals can be very helpful
SMART Targets
Specific : Think about: Who, What, Where, When, Which and Why!
SMART Target examples
If your target is to not be late to lessons how could that be made a SMART Target?
What are targets/ goals?
Anything that you (personally or collectively) want/need to achieve.
You should get into the habit of setting yourself targets after every lesson.
Target setting to achieve your goals.
SMART Targets
Why set targets/goals?
Think for a minute about what you want to achieve.
Targets are usually the milestones en route to achieving a goal.
They can be short term: Immediate, Daily, weekly, monthly or annually.
Goals are usually long term: anything longer than that!
Targets are usually short term
More likely to succeed if there is thought and plans in place.
Stops "mission creep"
Reminds you/others what you are working towards.
Measurable: Success needs to be measured by a criteria. Usually a number.
Attainable: What will it take to achieve the target/goal.
Realistic: The target needs to be something that can be done.
Time bound: When it will be done by.
College uses these
Taken from Project Management
For 100% of Indigo students to do well.
To do well.
This group to do well
For 100% of Indigo students to get a distinction
For 90% + of Indigo students to pass.
For 90% of Indigo students to pass Unit 22 by December 10th.
How could you set a SMART target about improving your literacy?
In groups of 4 complete the following for this term.
How could you set a SMART target about improving your numeracy?
A SMART Target for improving your knowledge of global business?
Think of two more that could be useful to you!
Having evidence of planning and implementing targets is very marketable.
Being able to set targets for yourself and others is a key management skill.
In group work set targets for each member.
They need to be actioned or the overall goal will not be met!
You will also have half termly targets set with your tutor.
Factor time into your daily routine to allow for meeting your targets.
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