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ABC Project

No description

James Coffee

on 5 May 2011

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Transcript of ABC Project

Banner Question

How much can I increase student performance with the use of the “Newsflash” function on Teacher Web? Method: Send text message reminders to students:
The night before a test
Before a project is due

Survey students to ascertain their perspectives on the effectiveness of Newsflash "...American teenagers sent and received an average of 2,272 text messages per month in the fourth quarter of 2008, according to the Nielsen Company almost 80 messages a day, more than double the average of a year earlier" (Hafner).

85% of my students have their own cell phone. (This method cannot reach every student.) However, Newsflashes may also be sent
to an email address. Many students that didn't own a cell phone used an email address. In response to the survey
statement: "I only studied for this test because I received a Newsflash text from Mr. Coffee. I would have forgotten to study if there was no Newsflash reminder." 8% Strongly Agreed


20% Agreed In a case in which I did not send a reminder, students answered the following question on a different survey: "I forgot to study for
this test or I would have." 18% Strongly Agreed


38% Agreed "I wish Mr. Coffee had sent out a Newsflash to remind
me to study for this test." 27% Strongly Agreed


27% Agreed
Test Data: Setup: I reminded A Day classes to study for the test via Newsflash and
did not send B Day classes a reminder. A Day classes averaged 3.5 points higher on
the same test with the same instruction. Project Data: Setup: I reminded B Day classes that their
Personal Narrative was due via Newsflash and did not remind A Day Classes. 68% of A Day students turned papers in on time


74% of B Day students (who received the Newsflash) turned papers in on time. And, says Kolb, this type of technology integration will better prepare students for the 21st century workforce, where jobs are performed on mobile devices, such as cell phones. “We see it in places where we compete, such as China,” she says. “The fact is that they already value the cell phone as a professional tool. Now we need to teach kids how to use a phone ethically in the work environment of the future" (Cell Phones: 21st Century Learning Tools?). Where this leads: Conclusion:

Newsflash is a quick way to boost student productivity which in turn boosts student achievement. Also, Observing the benefits of Newsflash has encouraged me to increase the integration of technology in my classroom for the following reasons: to increase student engagement
to increase student productivity
to prepare students for an increasingly digitized workplace in which cell phones are a necessary tool Works Cited
"Cell Phones: 21st Century Learning Tools? | Education.com." Education.com | An Education & Child Development Site
for Parents | Parenting & Educational Resource. Web. 19 Apr. 2011.
Hafner, Katie. "Texting May Be Taking a Toll." NY Times. 25 May 2009. Web. 29 Mar. 2011.
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