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From Rocks to Reauthorization

No description

Chris Cruz

on 19 November 2012

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Transcript of From Rocks to Reauthorization

2005 SAFETEA-LU Signed by President Bush 2006 NSSGA Task Force addressed by National Surface Transportation Policy & Revenue Study Commission Members 2007 2008 2010 2011 NSSGA Issues Recommendations for Reauthorization NSSGA Issues Roadmap for Reauthorization
for NSSGA Members Mike Stanczak, Chairman of the NSSGA Reauthorization Task Force, Testifies Before National Surface Transportation and Revenue Study Commission Reception Held at Smithsonian Museum of Natural History to Honor Congressional Transportation Leaders NSSGA Posts Time Clock Showing Time Elapsed Since Expiration of SAFETEA-LU Without Action on a New Authorization NSSGA Instrumental in Creation of Materials Subgroup of Transportation Construction Coalition; 3 Webinars Held for Members on Highway Financing and Reauthorization Status Rod Martin, Martin Stone,
Testifies Before House Small Business Committee on Importance of Reauthorization and Impacts of Economic Stimulus SAFETEA-LU Expires Ward Nye, Martin Marietta Materials
Testifies Before House Transportation & Infrastructure Committee on Economic Stimulus NSSGA Unveils Surface Transportation Landing Page, “Life Is A Highway” and Blog, “Road Rants” Joy Pinniger Writes All Members of 112th Congress to Urge Action on Importance of Taking Action on Surface Transportation Reauthorization NSSGA Chairman Dave Thomey, Maryland Materials, Testifies Before House Transportation & Infrastructure Committee on Need to Enact
Long-Term Surface Transportation Reauthorization First “Rally For Roads” Held;
9 Members of Congress and over 500 Participants Calling for Action on Surface Transportation Reauthorization Grasstops/Grassroots “One to Five” Initiative Commenced – Over 158 Known Contacts Made “Driving It Home 2011” – NSSGA Members Host Lawmakers at Operations Materials Group Urges Super Committee to Include Transportation in its Recommendations NSSGA Initiates “Floor It” Grassroots Campaign with Corresponding Monthly Themes 2012 2nd “Rally For Roads Held
Chairmen of House and Senate Transportation Committees Appear SAFETEA-LU Extended
until June 30, 2012 Congress Passes Moving Ahead For Progress In the 21st Century ...then is extended Knowing The Needs Don't Slip Up March to Passage NSSGA in conjunction with ARTBA & APTA launches an award winning radio and TV ad campaign on the Transportation Bill Statement of Expectations Holiday Hustle State "Flash Drives" 2009 NSSGA Chairman Bill Schneider, Knife River,
Testifies Before House Transportation & Infrastructure Committee to Urge Action on the HIRE Act Congress Approves SAFETEA-LU Extension
at Level Funding Until March 30,2012 NSSGA Urges Action by Conferees
to Pass Surface Transportation Reauthorization President Obama Signs MAP-21 From Rocks to Reauthorization 731 Days Until This Bill Expires NSSGA engages its members to contact Congress to ensure that highways are fully funded NSSGA addresses the new 110th Congress in support of fully funding highways at SAFETEA-LU’s FY ’07 authorized level Annual TCC Fly In Held NSSGA grassroots activists push Congress to act on highway reauthorization before expiration NSSGA calls upon its members to contact Congress and urge them to address the pending shortfall in the Highway Trust Fund NSSGA kicks off “Meet Your Member” month to bring together the aggregates industry and their members of Congress during the summer congressional recess NSSGA disseminates Action Alert to get Congress to act before the expiration of the highway program NSSGA holds a Congressional Call-In for its members to contact Congress to press for action on highway reauthorization NSSGA begins its “Driving It Home,” educating members of Congress about the aggregates industry NSSGA asks members to contact The Deficit Commission and voice support for the plan to phase in a 15-cent increase in the highway user fee Annual TCC Fly-in Held NSSGA issues targeted Action Alerts aimed at Republican Senate leaders seeking to create support for moving a reauthorization bill NSSGA launches grassroots campaign aimed at the Senate in support of passage of a SAFETEA-LU extension NSSGA launches grassroots effort to oppose moves in Congress to suspend the gas tax in the face of high gas prices Our work is not finished... NSSGA issues Action Alerts asking its members to contact Congress and support funding of a long-term extension of the highway program. NSSGA Convenes Government Affairs Reauthorization Task Force NSSGA issues Action Alert to its members in support of a bipartisan $5 billion transportation funding stimulus NSSGA activates its grassroots to fix the Highway Trust Fund shortfall, as well as suspension of the gas tax NSSGA issues Action Alerts on congressional efforts to address the shortfall in the Highway Trust Fund 3,994 Transportation/Infrastructure Contacts for 2008
11,498 Action Alert Responses for 2008 4,676 Transportation Contacts Made for 2009
8,931 Action Alert Responses for 2009 NSSGA sends out multiple Action Alerts urging to contact Congress to make full reauthorization a priority 5,066 Transportation Contacts Made for 2010
16,047 Action Alert Responses for 2010 8,357 Transportation Contacts Made for 2011
12,400 Action Alert Responses for 2011 Annual TCC Fly In Held
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