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Natural Resources

No description

Airy Walanchanurak

on 21 January 2013

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Transcript of Natural Resources

Economic Energy Resources By Air Natural Gas Natural Gas is a mixture of hydrocarbons. Used for heating and used for generating electrical energy. Natural gas is found when the remain of the plant and animals is squash under the earth at a very high pressure and very long time. Over time pass, mud and other things are on top of the matter, which squash it. As it get deeper under the earth crust the temperature get higher and higher. When there is higher temperature, more natural gas will be create. Here are some things that uses Natural Gas: kitchen stove, motor vehicles and more. Kitchen Stove How does Natural Gas create energy? 1. Natural gas is burned to produced
2. Hot gas past through the turbine
3. When gas goes through turbine, the turbine blade spins,
4. Which rotate large magnets, inside the metal coils which cause the electron to move
5. Then it produced energy. Natural Gas Power Plant Advantages and Disadvantages of Natural Gas Advantages
Burning natural gas causes less air pollution than petroleum. Natural gas can be kind of similar to gasoline or diesel vehicles.
Natural gas can be used in kitchen as fuels too.

Vehicles who used natural gas can produce lower emission. Natural gas is made out of methane so it can take away the energy too. Natural gas can be explosive and can be very very dangerous. Natural gas is non-renewable resources too. Social Asia use NGV the most because the NGV industry company were mostly build in Asia. The American use the least because the gasoline company told the people that NGV is dangerous so NGV company were mainly in Asia. Environment Natural gas is the cleanest of the fossils fuels. It can be use many ways to help reduce pollutions to the atmosphere. Natural Gas Petroleum source Hydroelectric What is Hydroelectric energy? Hydroelectric energy is a energy produced by moving water. It's one of the cleanest source of energy. It also cost the least when it already builds. How does Hydroelectric energy create electricity? 1. Water is stored behind the dam in a reservoir
2. Near the bottom of them dam, water runs through tunnels to turbines
3. Turbines spin.
4. The energy from the spinning turbines is converted into electricity. The process of a Hydroelectric dam Disadvantages and Advantages of Hydroelectric energy Advantages : Hydroelectric energy don't cause any air pollutions. After a dam is built, power plant is built hydroelectric energy is not expensive any more. When the water is stored it can used for drinking, fishing and boating.

Disadvantages: Hydroelectric is not available everywhere. When building a dam, it have many costs others than financial costs. Living things in the river are disturbed and they can't go anywhere because the dam is blocking its way. Water trapped in the river may flood farmlands and wild life habits. Dams cost more and longer to built than it was presented. When dam is larger than normal it will take more costs. One example is when a dam is predicted to cost $1 billion but it ends up to be $1.56 billion Environment The dam blocked the fish from going to major rivers. If it rains a lot the dam will be flooded. The dam also traps sediments too. Dam in China being flooded Biomass What is Biomass? Plant absorbs energy from sun and stored the energy to use later. Leaf, woods and other part of the plant contains energy. So biomass is any matter that can be a source of energy. How does Biomass create energy? 1. Wood waste from factories and farm are collected
2. The waste is burned to heat water and to create a steam
3. Steam is sent to turbine, which spins to power a generator
4. Generator creates electricity and sent to transmission lines Biomass Power Plant Advantages and Disadvantages of Biomass Advantages
Biomass is inexpensive and can be create quickly. Biomass can help reduce global warming. Biomass can be available throughout the world.

If biomass is used to quickly habitats may be destroyed or extinct. Collecting waste may be hard to collect. Waste will not be available if the basic crop does not longer grow. Environment Biomass power runs by burning of plant matter, make some serious problems than other renewable energy. Biomass causes air pollution. These impacts will depends on how carefully the resource is managed. Social When burning biomass, it will cause serious problems like Respiratory inflections, breathing problems, cancer and premature death. It can go deep into the lungs and particles in your body. Biomass house Which is best for Thailand Introduction Do you know about energy resources?
What do they do to our Earth?
Are the resources good or not?
So what are the best resources for Thailand?
All of the answers will be answer in this prezi I think Hydroelectric energy because Thailand have lots of rivers. It causes no air pollutions too. It can be a source of water for the people who is near the dam. People can used it for fishing, drinking and more. When the dam is built it will don't be expensive anymore. Thailand is a hot weather country so Thailand needs lots and lots of water in the country. Thailand have a lots of dam and that tells us that Thailand need lots of dam. Not biomass because it causes disease to us. Not natural gas because it is a non-renewable resource. Compare and Contrast The three resources are the same by: they are energy resources and they are about earth. Biomass and hydroelectric is the same by: they are renewable resources. Biomass and natural gas are the same by: they are both made from plants because natural gas is made from the remain of plants. Natural gas is different from biomass and natural gas by: because natural gas is a non-renewable resource. Hydroelectric energy is different from the others by: didn't make from the same thing. Citation (research) Holt California Earth Science
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