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Science Fair Project- Fresh Water And Salt Water: Evaporation

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Mackenzie E

on 1 April 2016

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Transcript of Science Fair Project- Fresh Water And Salt Water: Evaporation

Science Fair Project
Fresh Water Vs. Salt Water: Evaporation
By: Mackenzie E.
Have you ever wonder how water can evaporate? Evaporation is a process that creates rain. This process is called the water cycle. When hot pressure like the sun hits water it turns into steam, then into clouds to form rain. I am going to test 2 types of water, salt and fresh water. What I am trying to do is to see which water will evaporate faster. This is my science project.

Salt Water Vs. Fresh Water


My purpose is to see which one will
evaporate faster.
My Hypothesis is the fresh water will evaporate faster because rain is fresh.
Science Project Procedures
Step 1: First get salt, water, boiling pot, timer, and maybe a cooking place.
Step 2: Next Pour fresh water into the boiling pot and record how much time it took for the fresh water to evaporate.
Step 3: Then Pour salt water in the boiling pot and record how much time it took for the salt water to evaporate.
Step 4: Finally record your data.
When I started boiling the 2 pots I noticed the fresh water had started to steam up first. The salt water was taking its time. Soon I noticed how fast the fresh water was moving than the salt water. The fresh water had more steam and had fully evaporated in 4 minutes and 3 seconds. The fresh water had evaporated 9 seconds faster than the salt water. The salt water had fully evaporated in 5 minutes and 2 seconds. I figured out why the salt water took a longer time than the fresh water. The reason why is because the salt in the water makes it difficult to evaporate. Salt takes a lot of energy from the water so it takes a long process to evaporate. This is my result.
I have learned that fresh water can evaporate faster than salt water. I have also learned that salt can slow down water from evaporating by taking away the water’s energy
If I could do something differently on this experiment I would add more water and salt to see if it changes anything.
I wonder if juices and other kinds of liquids could evaporate. I also wonder if I could go any further on this experiment.
I learned a lot from this experiment and this information might help more too learn about the water cycle.
Thank you for watching!
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