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Trebuchet Design Process

No description

Mason Jones

on 27 April 2013

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Transcript of Trebuchet Design Process

Trebuchet Design Process The Challenge Final Product -To build a mass-driven trebuchet
-Under 3 feet (arm extended)
-20 dollar budget
-Launch ping-pong ball the furthest Information Gathering Through our research we were able to find the ideal specifications for our project. Concept Generating -Ratio Chosen: 3:1
-Arm Length: 25 inches (allowing 1 inch for placement of counter-weight)
-Counter-weight: 732.5 grams
-Length of Uprights: 22.5 inches
-Wooden structure: most inexpensive Decision Making Our final product is a Trebuchet that can launch
16 feet using 732.5 grams for our counter weight. Through the designing, building, and calculating, we learned a lot about the physics behind a Trebuchet. Before we could begin building we needed to research specific aspects of the trebuchet. -Ideal arm length/ratio
-Sling length
-Optimal counter-weight
-Releasing mechanism The ideal arm ratios:
-3:1 Ideal Sling Length:
-85% of arm length
from center axis Optimal Count-Weight:
-From 75 to 133 times the
projectile's weight Releasing Mechanism:
-Pin angled around 30 degrees
to allow string to slide off when
parallel to arm Sophmore, Majoring in Civil Enigneering,

Mason Jones Sophmore, Majoring in Mechanical Engineering,

Collin Smith Sophmore, Majoring in Aerospace Engineering,

Joe "the" Plummer Sophmore, Majoring in Civil Engineering,

John "TJ" Ward Sophmore, Majoring in Civil Engineering,

Kassandra Walker Now Time to Meet the Team Building of the Trebuchet Purchasing of Material - 1x2x8 Premium Furring Strips: $1.07 x 2 = $2.14
- 2X2X8 Premium Furring Strips: $1.62 x 2 = $3.24
-3/8 - 16" Threaded Rod: $1.37
-190' of Green Twine: $1.38
-Gate Latch: $3.97
-Sheet Medal: $5.96

TOTAL COST: $18.06 - Trebuchet was built in the Force lab
- Used chop-saw, screw gun, and drill
- Wooden pieces assembeled with screws and wood glue Sophmore, Majoring in Aerospace Engineering,

Kevan Ellis
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