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"Structure & Style" Class Description

No description

Ben Jones

on 14 June 2013

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Transcript of "Structure & Style" Class Description

Day 3
Style in Music
Counterpoint devices
Vocal Music Styles
Sacred & Secular Types
The 20th & 21st Centuries
Day 2
Discover, Identify & Discuss "Building Blocks," Structure & Style inherent in tutti workshop rep & in major works from the choral canon
Discuss application of new vocabulary & analysis techniques to practice time & rehearsals
End each class with listening exercises & discussion prompts for collaborative learning outside of the classroom
An understanding of basic analysis techniques that will prove useful for more efficient practice and rehearsal
An expanded view of opportunities for interpreting the "Building Blocks"
A deeper appreciation for musical forms, including those outside the normal purview of choral singers (pop, etc.)
New ways of discussing and approaching music, whether it's music you hear or music you're working on.
Structure & Style
Finding a Method to the Madness
through Form & Analysis
Day 1
Vocabulary - Terminology for the Building Blocks of Music
Figures & Motives
Structure - Compositional Architecture
Period (or Sentence) Form
Song Forms: Two-Part & Three-Part
Recommended (but not at all necessary) items:
"Structure & Style," by Leon Stein ($10) - http://amzn.to/13l9Ldg (e-book available!)
Spotify (free!), for accessing my "tutti rep" playlist - http://spoti.fi/15dBhOc
Apple user? Get the Prezi app (free!) and follow along in class! - http://bit.ly/Yznhv0
(click the links . . . they work!)
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