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The Jade Peony

No description

Matthew Robichaud

on 3 October 2012

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Transcript of The Jade Peony

The Jade Peony By: Wayson Choy Part:B Surprise Ending Part B: Mood Part B: Irony(Dramatic) Thanks The irony in this story is dramatic because when reading the story there is a lot of drama with the emotions at the end such as the grandson crying about the death of a family member the cat showing up and the jade Thats all the things I had to say. Sek-Lung loved his grandmother they are the two main characters in the story so in the begging they were happy but near the when the grandmother passed away it turned to be a very sad story since in the text it says, "I began to cry and quickly put my hand in my pocket for my handkercheif. Instead, caught between my fingers, was the small, round firmness of the Jade Peony." After seeing that he could image his grandmother face, smile, and the way she looked and it made him miss her but it also made him happy to have something to remember her. The mood changes from the begging of the story to the end at the begging the grandmother and the grandson, who is named Sek-Lung who is 8 year old were very close. The surprise ending of the story in the “Jade pony” is the cat that the grandmother sees right before she dies. This indicates that she is going to die since she says on page 90 “My friend the juggler, the magican, was as pale as white jade, and he had pink eyes??” After that day not to long after the 83 year old grandmother passes away with pneumonia. And the cat was described as a long lean cat which was pale white with pink eyes. And after that she says that she is prepared which in her mind she is prepared to die and the next day after that she wakes up with a not so well cold.
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