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Timeline of Sir Douglas Mawson

Term 3 Assignment

Maple Mae

on 13 September 2012

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Transcript of Timeline of Sir Douglas Mawson

Term 3 Assignment
By: Mae Papa Sir Douglas Mawson Timeline Of 1882 Douglas Mawson was born on the 5th of May 1882, in Yorkshire, England. His dearest parents are Robert
Mawson and Margaret Ann. 1885 In 1885 Douglas Mawson settled in Australia with his family. When they arrived in Australia his farther, Robert Mawson continued farming, while his wife ,which was offcourse the mother of Douglas ,managed their house. Douglas and his brother William started their official education at a near country school place in New South Wales. The family then moved to Sydney,Glebe where good educational schooling was nearer. When the Mawson boys moved to Glebe they were lucky to be educated at one of Sydney's finest school in the state. 1899 Douglas and William Mawson was enrolled in 1899 at the University of Sydney. William Mawson studied medicine
and Douglas studied Engineering and Science from the age of 16! Their mother, Margaret Ann was very keen for them to do an arts scholarship but they thought it wouldn't be suitable for them so they both declined. 1900 Douglas and other university students was involved near Maitland, New South Wales in 1900. Douglas came from a good influence of Edgeworth David, a well known geologist ( back in those days )
David became Mawson's friend,mentor,colleague and an Antarctic expedition companion. 1902 In 1902 Douglas Mawson was still nineteen and graduated university with an engineering degree. He persuaded his mother about getting a science degree and he succeeded. 1903 David, who was Mawson's professor in the 1900s, recommended to him that he should take half a year break and join the naval cruiser," Archer ". The ship was to travel around the New Hebrides (aka: Vanuatu ). 1906 1907 1905 After Sir Douglas Mawson's journey around Vanuatu, he wrote a paper about the significance of the place. Then in 1905 his paper was published which was the first ever scientific paper ever handed! The first record of Mawson's work in the South Australian Museum were in 1906. He then met Ernest Shackleton and recuited himself in his party to go to Antarctica. 1908 1909 1910 Mawson and two other men settled in Antarctica in 1908, the men had to wait for summer to begin their expeditions because of the harsh weather during winter. Their was two sleding party and the leader for both is Ernest. Then he tried to be the first to reach the South Geographic Pole. So the other party was led by Mawson ,in second command, to locate the South Magnetic Pole. January 16th in 1909 was the date that "Mawson's party" reached the the South Magnetic Pole. Douglas Mawson launched an appeal to help his expedition in Antarctica. On the same time, another explorer named Robert Falcon Scott was also seeking to earn some money for his expedition in Antarctica also. Mawson then received a letter from Scott asking him what his exact plans were so he replied his plan a few wekks after. 1913 The wireless signal in Antarctica was more effective on the second year. When Mawson had contact with Paquita, his lover, He didn't noticed that his engagement with her was still on. When she confirmed that it was still on Mawson signaled her privately but sadly it didn't reach. Mawson wasn't the only one that had a hard time in long distance relationships, his collegues had are hard time too. On the same year Douglas Mawson found his true love named, Paquita Delprat, She had first caught sight of him at the university sports field and they fell in love. Mawson's party returned to the main base after midnight to make it the exact time of the beautiful Aurora in the sky. With no doubt at all, they were reunited with family and friends when they got back. 1914 A couple of days after the return of the expedition, Mawson and his lover, Paquita travelled to Melbourne and got married! 1916 Mawson finally arranged to leave from the university to go to war, he went to England but wasn't suitable as a fighting man so he found himself on a committee. Paquita joined with Mawson and went to London together, unfortunately for their daughter, Patricia, stayed with her grandparents in Australia. After awhile in London ,Paquita gave birth to a baby girl during an air raid.Her name was Jessica. Jessica Patricia After the war in London, They returned safelty back to Australia. 1921 Mawson became a professor at a University in Adelaide for geology. He was the only scientist in the department so it was hard for him to do everything by himself. 1935 Near 1935 Mawson was elected as the president of the Australian and New Zealand Association for the Advancement of Science .With his scientific achievements and knowledge skills he didn't care anything about fame or fortune ,he wanted to just research and study happily with his family and loving wife. 1954 Mawson wanted to continue teaching at the University of Adelaide. He was annoyed when the Vice Chancellor rejected his wish so he then put pressure on the person (not litterally) and the Vice Chancellor changed it's mind. 1958 On the 14th of October, 1958 an enthusiastic, intelligent man named Douglas Mawson ... passed away. In September, Mawson suffered a small stroke and more severe strokes came and made him unconscious. Unfortunately he didn't survive and on the next day he died surrounded by his family. Websites:
australia.gov.au › About Australia › Australian Stories
- Mawson Centenary. Books:
Antarctica Exploration
Barcode - 1000770016
Perishing Poles
Barcode - 1000730868
Barcode - 1000739058 Thankyou Fort Street Model School The timeline that I am about to show you is not 100 % of what he did in is life, sorry. Also I just noticed that I have missed some dates , sorry XD. Enjoy! Thank you
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