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ESP 311 Individual Project

No description

Katie Ginley

on 27 April 2010

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Transcript of ESP 311 Individual Project

Individual Creative Project: Lots of trial and error in the beginning intern assignment tried to write a blog as a creative outlet/ stress reliever
wasn't happy with how it was turning out
wasn't using my creativity to it's full potential issues in using Tan with Kare
very busy
miami student article
it is a partnership On March 29, 2010 I recieved an email stating I had been moved on to the final step in the application process for an internship I applied for a few weeks earlier I had 10 days to create and send to them a presentation that showed my networking ability, personality, and creativity all at once. But how? I began to ask myself things like
what should I do for this assignment?
how am I going to put it together?
who am I going to need help from? 100 Questions I came up with a few answers
a powerpoint
a "prezi"
but what's more fun than a powerpoint?
I wanted something more
the next right answer A slideshow!
used to make them in high school
couldn't remember which program to use
tried powerpoint but couldnt use the media i was hoping to While reading Parents Magazine... there was an article about using iMovie to make slideshows for your kids!
I started clicking around on iMovie...
lets you use
music It took a long time to figure out but it ended up being exactly what I needed and came up with what they called "The most creative presentation they have seen since they started."
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