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Key Club Stuff

Stuff about Key Club

Annie Pryor

on 20 October 2010

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Transcript of Key Club Stuff

KEY CLUB What we do So far we've..
Raised money to buy an animal through heifer international to give to a family in need.
Fundraised for Davi. A little girl living in Cambodia. We help pay for her food, shelter, and education. She wrote us a letter ( a picture of a cow she drew ). We're going to send her a card. When we go around on Wednesdays to collect loose change for her we'll have the card for everyone to sign. Plans for the Year Global Gateway 1-2 night trip
live life like it is in Cambodia
1 night for 2-17: $600
2 nights for 2-17: $1200
Maybe March
Open to anybody in Key Club, then to entire school Fundraising... Loose change every wednesday
Can in the cafeteria for money
Others Comunity Service Ronald McDonald House
New York State Museum
City Mission
Nursing Homes
etc. Theres a bulletin board outside the art room where we'll
be posting volunteer opportunities
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