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Gay Rights Movement

Comm 436

Gary Gafford

on 10 November 2010

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Transcript of Gay Rights Movement

The Gay Rights Movement Discussion Question:

Who Do You Believe are the Leaders in the Gay Rights Movement Today? Defend your answer. Rhetorical Barriers and Advantages Barriers Religion
No Clear Leadership
Closeted Individuals Right to Vote
Redefinition (LGBT)
No Physical Characteristics Advantages Similarities To Past Movements Religion
Change the Lexicon Civil Rights Movement Women's Rights Movement Lack of 3rd Wave Leadership
Religion White Night Riots Stonewall Riots Key Rhetorical Moments and their Rhetors Harvey Milk May 21, 1979- Trial of Dan White
Twinkie Defense-“Harvey dies, Dan White lies" First Openly Gay Elected
Brought Hope
Sponsored Laws Pushed Gay Rights Globally
Police Raid on Bar
"Gay Power" Woman Arrested
June 28, 1970- marches Past Leaders Harvey Milk
San Francisco board of Supervisors
“the most famous and most significant open LGBT official ever elected in the United States.”
Served 11 months in office before he was assassinated The Role of Leadership Political "Leaders" Today Movies Hollywood Figures Many Programs
Mostly Positive of Gays
Helps Legitimize it
Matter of Fact Many Movies
Often have Wider Audience
Also Shows It Matter of Fact Todays Leadership, Significant Voices & Texts Popular
Pass through Public Screen
Often Role Models/Liked
Less Reprocution Television "I thank God, I have lived long enough to see my kind emerge from the shadows and join the human race“ "It was incredible, like being in a World War II bombing or something.” Rhetors were Confrontational
Attempted to Transform Perceptions:
of Society through "unmasking"
of Reality through showing the injustice Rhetorical Strategies Jim Foster
American LGBT rights and Democratic activist
became active after discharge from the Army in 1959 for being a gay Brenda Howard
Organizer of "Gay Pride"
Leader of the Gay Liberation Front
known as the “Mother of Pride” Jim McCrery (R) Louisiana
Lifetime Gay Voting Record: 28%

Larry Craig (R) Idaho
Lifetime Gay Voting Record:7% Outrage (2009) Ed Schrock (R) Virginia
Lifetime Gay Voting Record: 0%

David Dreier (Republican) California
Lifetime Gay Voting Record:16% Easily Stereotyped
Can be Discounted
Media Access, Influential
Agenda Becomes More Subtle Rhetorical Advantages and Barriers Elyssa Manacmul
Kristen Camden
Isaac Caruso
Travis Gafford
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