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Intro to Maslow's Hierarchy or Needs

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Megan Garver

on 13 January 2014

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Transcript of Intro to Maslow's Hierarchy or Needs

Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs
What is the
Hierarchy of Needs?
Motivators include: Truth, Justice, Wisdom, Meaning
Recognition, Attention, Social Status, Accomplishment, Self-respect
Friendship, belonging to a group, giving and receiving love
Living in a safe area, medical insurance, job security, financial reserves
Hierarchy of Needs is the basic needs of the survival of an individual human.
Air, food, water, sleep
Maslow's Pyramid of Needs

Safety Needs
Social Needs
Esteem Needs
Food pyramid
How is Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs applicable to
Physical Needs
Shelter, food and water is the first of Maslow's needs that relates to the setting of this novel since the whole story revolves around a group of kids trying to get those basic resources to survive.
The food hunted which was pig (pork) was received from Jack.
The fresh water could be found from anywhere from the island.
For shelter, they created huts out of branches and sticks.
Safety Needs
The next need necessary for survival would be safety
This was accomplished by forming a specialized hunt group to hunt down the beast that seemed like a treat to the clan.
Ralph tried to calm down his followers by explaining to them there is no actual beast
Raplh gave his clan hope by telling them they will be rescued
The elder kids protected the younger ones as they became the leaders (Jack and Ralph).
As this novel consists entirely of children, we do not have to address the financial security concerning Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs.
Love and Belonging
The next stage of the pyramid is love and belonging.
throughout the novel Piggy felt left out and was always insulted by the name calling and all the disrespect of others.
Jack and Ralph try to interact with each other but it doesn't work out since they both hate each other with passion.
By the end of this novel the children begin to turn into murderers when they end up killing two kids.
One important part of Maslow's pyramid is esteem.
From the beginning of the novel Piggy tells Ralph how he used to be called fat and that his nickname was piggy.
Piggy is insecure and tells him not to mention it in front of the other children.
Ralph goes ahead and does what he was told no to do and piggy begins to tear and turns red in the face.
He is not respected by no one and is treated badly by all. even though every one needs piggy because he is there only source of fire they all push him around and act like his a spec of dust and has very little importance to them.
Make sure you take notes!
Let's play: The what would you rather have Game
You are stranded on a desert and have the option of having 2 of the 4 items below the image. What would you take?
Friends/ GF/BF
Now you are living in a city you have everything you need to survive like water food and shelter. Pick TWO of the following items below that you would need to survive.
So back to the question again:
Do you buy into Maslow's argument of
the Hierarchy of Needs?
Self-actualization is the summit of Maslow's
motivation theory. It is about the quest of reaching one's full potential as a person. Unlike lower level needs, this need is never fully satisfied; as one grows psychologically, there are always new opportunities to continue to grow.
The Hierarchy of Needs is organized
as a pyramid. The idea is that you cannot
progress to the next level until all of your
needs in lower level(s) have been satisfied.
Do you buy into Maslow's
theory of the Hierarchy of
According to this theory, if these fundamental
needs are not satisfied, then one will surely be motivated to satisfy them. Higher needs and esteem
are not recognized until one satisfies the needs basic to existence.

Make note to yourself: Do you agree with this? Do you think this is true?
Once physiological needs are met,
one's attention turns to safety and
security in order to be free from the
threat of physical and emotional harm.
Such needs might be fulfilled by ...
According to this theory, if a person
feels threatened, needs further up the pyramid
will not receive attention until that need has
been resolved.
After a person feels that they "belong", the urge
to attain a degree of importance emerges.
Maslow later improved his model
to add a layer in between self-actualization
and esteem needs: the need for aesthetics and
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