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My S.M.A.R.T goal

No description

Simon Kappeli

on 11 May 2017

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Transcript of My S.M.A.R.T goal

My goal for this year is to reduce inflammation in my vocal cords.
A challenge that will make my goal difficult is that when people talk to me i have to speak to them back and that makes me force my vocal cords and when people are far away i have to scream and my vocal cords get hurt.
How will i know?
I will know when i accomplish this goal because the doctor will tell me.
thanks for wathcing
By When?
I think i can accompilsh this goal by the end of the year.
i can accomplish this goal by not talking much and if i do i will talk in a good tone.
My S.M.A.R.T goal
IB learner trait

what IB learner traits I'm best at.
I think that I'm best at would be thinker and risk-taker.
thinker because i always think for my self and i am very creative at solving problems.
Last risk-taker because i always accept challenges and try to do all i can to finish it well done.
what i should work on
i think i should work on being principled
and caring because i honestly when i get
annoyed i can hurt peoples feelings or since i am very competitive if i loose for a
dumb reason i get mad.
my goal
my goal for this year is to learn german so i can talk with my Swiss part family.
by when
i would like to learn german by th end of this quarter but i think i can do it by half way of seventh grade.
how will i know if i accomplished the goal
i will know when i accomplished this goal i will understand what my dad says when he speaks german.
how will accomplish this goal?
i will accomplish this goal by learning extra german in school and practice with my dad and using Duolingo.
a challenge that prevents me from accomplishing this goal is that i can forget some stuff that is important.
growth mindset
growth mindset is when you dont let anything stop you from learning something new.
Fixed mindset
fixed mindset is when you
dont challenge your self and you just dont want to get better at something.

bullying is when somebody is
repeatedtly is bothering and hurting someone else
cyberbullying is when you are bothering insulting or being rude to somebody in social media or in the internet.
6th grade
in the beginning of 6th grade i really didnt like it because it was really different to elementary because it was more fun, but then it started to get more fun and i got used to it .
how will i have growth midset:
i will practice growth midset by always challenging myself to the limit and never giving up.
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