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The Summer

Photography GCSE project on 'My Summer Holiday'.

on 30 September 2015

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Transcript of The Summer

The Summer
Final pieces
I have chosen three final pieces which I think sum up what each idea of my project is about. The three photographs that I have chosen are my favourite pictures as I love the colours and the layout of the photographs.
The photographs that I have chosen have been edited using an Imac editing programme.
My idea of summer
My ideas
Lights at night
I chose this idea as when I think of summer at night, I picture the sunsets, moving lights and reflections of lights on water.
I feel that lights at night show how summer is different to other seasons as everything seems to come to life when it is dark. This is shown especially in countries like France.

A typical summer holiday
With this idea I have captured moments on camera that I believe are seen as an average summer holiday.
With these pictures I will show the fun and happiness that most people experience during the summer month.
I have chosen ideas that fit in with with my personal view of summer and what emotions and pictures come to my mind. In this project I have tried to capture the different moments and contrasts between my summer and other people's.
The contrast of my own holiday
This is a slightly different idea to a stereotypical summer.
I have chosen to take images of events in my holiday that show the slightly more emotional and unpleasant moments that I also think of as summer.
With these ideas I have tried to use different settings and effects in the pictures to help identify the atmosphere and colour of the particular moment in time.
Lights at night
To me, fireworks are one of the things that signify summer nights. I love the bright colours and creative shapes.
I chose to photograph fireworks as part of 'lights at night' to try out different shutter speeds on my camera and because I wanted to try out effects with the colours.
Reflections and moving lights
I liked the idea of using reflections and moving lights as part of the 'lights at night' theme, because of how unlike they look at night and during the day, and how the the actual light and the reflection of it looks so different.
Using water to see this reflection gave the light and colours an unusual effect.
To take these pictures I found that using a slow shutter speed and night settings worked best to make a good landscape picture.
When I'm on holiday in France, watching the sunsets are one of the traditions that my family like to keep. I have decided to try and capture the beautiful colours in the sky that appear gradually as the sun goes down as part of this project.
I have liked trying out the different camera settings and effects that I have been able to try out on my images of sunsets.
More lights at night
A typical summer holiday
The market
The market square in France is a perfect way to show culture, mood and colour in a picture.
I wanted to take pictures which show all the different stools with the many interesting bright things that are found in a market.
I particularly liked the food stools as they created a really fascinating image with all the different textures and colours.
Beaches and the sea
I wanted to try and capture the atmosphere and nature of the different beaches that I went to, using different techniques and settings on my camera.
I liked the way that the umbrellas looked on the beach as their shapes and colours stood out and made an interesting effect, so I tried out different angles and views to see if I could get this in a picture. The food also inspired me because it came out so perfect and I wanted to show how amazing it looked.
I wanted to take pictures of the sea because I loved the colours and the way that the water and the movement looked on camera.
The lake
I think that the lakes that I have been to in France are part of a typical summer holiday activity.
The colours and and the surroundings are perfect for photography as everything is so bright and well laid out.
On holiday I took pictures of family days out to various lakes so the atmosphere is cheerful and the pictures are more relaxed and less set up.
More holiday pictures
Contrast of my own holiday
My grandparents
With this idea I have chosen to use the contrast of my holiday to an average holiday, as this makes the project more personal to me.
I have taken photographs of my grandparents and the care home where my Granny lives to try and put a more serious atmosphere into my pictures.
I also thought that, as my Grandpa uses an oxygen tube, taking picture of that would put more depth and emotion into the actual photo's and i would be able to easily change the effects and lighting.
My Grandpa's home
I thought that this topic fit in with my idea of the contrast of my holiday, as this shows a more dejected atmosphere and it puts more thought into the photographs.
I have taken pictures of the garden in my Grandpa's house as this shows the rundown nature of the property and how it almost seems abandoned.
Fires and storms
I thought that including photographs of the bush fires that happen in the South of France would also suit this idea.
I like the idea of the contrast of the black smoke against the bright sky.
I also included thunder and lightening storms as this again is in contrast to the bright sunny weather that is normally thought of as summer.
Using the storms and fires that happened during my holiday, I think that this shows the more dangerous and frightening side of a summer holiday and I have used effects and settings to show this.
More of my own holiday
More edits
Kevin Cooley- Kevin Cooley shot these images with exposures lasting upwards of four minutes
He travelled across the U.S. to visit airports to capture the trails of light left by planes in the night sky

Artist research-
Kiff Backhouse- is a photographer based in the Languedoc area of South West France. Using a mix of both traditional and digital techniques, his individual style is captivating and vibrant
Richard Kempton- Richard Kempton has been photographing fireworks for nearly 20 years. Grew up watching and photographing firework displays, now is a firework photographer.
Artist research
Martin Parr- Studied photography at Manchester Polytechnic. He is known for his imaginative imagery, unusual approach to social documentary and his input to photographic culture within the UK and abroad. One of his well known summer photography projects is “life’s a beach’

Roger Westwood-
Anais Beaulieu-
Artist research
Tom Hussey-
Lac de Sainte Croix
Fireworks at saint aygulf
Sunset in France
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