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Research Project

No description

JSteph Bernal

on 19 April 2017

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Transcript of Research Project

Research Project
Jeradz Stephen Bernal
What difficulties do parents of autistic children face?
What resources are available to support the families
What Strategies can parents use to help their autistic children?
Cited Work
Jones, Allison. "Coalition urges more supports for children with autism in schools" Canadian Press, The. Apr 04, 2017 Toronto District School Board. Web. Apr 16, 2017.
Having a autistic children may be having a big responsibilities for the parents who has autistic child. Their child may face discrimination and bullying, it's not easy to have autistic child for the parents because these children may have lots of support, attention, time, understanding and love.
For those parents who are very frustrated and worried about the future of their children and the ability of their children to reach their full potential, The government of Canada is already investing $2.7 billion in special education for the disabled, deaf, and blind children because students with autism are frequently denied the supports they need in school.
If you are wondering what strategies you can do for your children who has Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) you can use this strategies that may help you and your children.
* Learn or educated yourself about their condition
* Give them a puppies
* Bring them to a special school
* Give them a headphone
One strategies for parents who has autistic child is to give them a puppies, this may help for the child because dogs can also help to comfort the autistic child. It is very important for the parents to educated theirself about the condition of their children it's also to know what is the right thing that they need to do. Headphones can also help to keep the child calm.
N/A "New Help for Autistic Children." Color Photograph. Oct 2006. Toronto District School Board. Web. Apr 16, 2017.
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