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History, Review, Reflection

jaclyn fossett

on 2 February 2011

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Transcript of Fundations

What is Fundations? * Stems from the Wilson Reading System
* Phonological/Phonemic awareness, phonics and spelling program developed for grades
* The purpose is to prevent reading and spelling failure
* Taught for 30 minutes in conjunction with the core curriculum in a general education
* Skills taught: print knowledge, alphabet awareness, decoding, vocabulary, fluency, and
* Teacher monitors the students’ progress throughout the program taking note of students
response to the program, inadequate growth, and determining modifications Metalinguistic language * “What are the syllables in this word?”
* “Is this a closed syllable sound?”
* “When the vowel is followed by a consonant what sound does it make?”
-The teacher also explains that there are exceptions to this rule.
* “This is a blended sound.”

-Teachers model by using this language, but it is reinforced when they manipulate the words on the board and students do the same at their seats. Assumptions Sociological Linguistic * Students learn in large groups
* Students need to have multisensory lessons to gain mastery
* Constant practice and review lead to mastery
* Students learn in short intervals * The components needed to learn to read are phonemic awareness, phonics, vocabulary development, reading fluency, and comprehension strategies.
* Speech evolves before written language Anthropological
* Students of all ethnicities hear and say sounds the same way
* Students speak English as their first language
Psychological * Students will have the ability to connect letters to sounds
* Students will have the ability to see the parts of a word
* Students will have the ability to be strong spellers
* Students are able to become fluent readers Benefits • Systematic- focuses on phonemic awareness by teaching letter recognition, phonics, and syllable types for decoding
• Constant practice and review
• Multisensory lessons - manipulate letter tiles, “sky-write”, tap out phonemes, hear others pronounce sounds, write out letters on white boards and play games
• Used with whole group, small group, or 1:1
• 30 minute lessons
• Quick and simple assessment Disadvantages • Students with language processing difficulties may have a hard time learning the concepts
• Little to no flexibility because skills build on each other
• A lot of materials to keep track of and teacher time learning the program
• If a student enters later in the year it maybe hard to catch up Reflection
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