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rob mancini

on 22 April 2010

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Transcript of police

Sergent Newton
543 What did you do for schooling, and what made you decide to be a cop?
- Started by going to the University of river falls for Generals and the business area, after a couple years realized that was not for him and had his choices down to a cop or fire fighter.
-Attended Metro
- He decided to pursue a career as a police officer, Because he liked the idea that every day is not the same.
- another thing that cought his eye is that in one call he can be ver physicall and the next call, he will have to use his problem sovling skills and his mind.
- that the job was ever changng was very appealing to him. What Skills do you think it takes to be a good officer?
- "You need to have the desire to want to halp people and want
to problem solve. 80 to 90 % of our job is problem solving. Anything
from trying to work though a simple domestic case to a simple neighbor dispute.
-Another big skill to have in Law Enforcement is wanting to have the desire to want to learn, problem solve and help people.
-Being a slultion oriented person is a good thing.

What do you think your best trate is?
-I think im very solution oreiented, Sometimes i try to find what every is the short term soultion and sometimes i find the long term sultion as well.

-What is comes down to is that a lot of this job is common sence, there is really no spefic thing law enforcement half to have. If you can talk to people and life expeenceis really all it is.
- 9 years as a cop (all with oakdale)
-Went to school at Metro State.
-Wanted to work investigations.
-Played two years of hockey at river falls
-worked construction in college when he atteneded metro
What kind of personality do you think it takes to be an officer?

- Basically every kind.. here is what I mean..
We want people from all walks of life we want the old with the life experence and we want the young with the drive. Need to have people who are driven to a certain area, who really have a nack for something, like a person who has a nack for investigations or a person who can just sit down and talk to people for investigations, you have to have the people who have good street intuition to.
What is your most memorable call?
-There are many of calls that stick out in my mind..any case with small children bug me. When i worked sex crimes and investagations doing the ones with the children were always difficult, As far as call wise on the street, we were dispatched to a group of people were arguing ( nothing big we get thoes all the time) I was just walking up to an apartment complex and all the sudden this guy ran out with a machete, and instinctively my hand is by my pepper spray and it all happened so fast i just grabbed my spray and started spraying it. By this time he was only ten feet away and it was a lethal situation. I did not know if his plan was to run past us or what it was. We ended up arresting him and it turned out that he was doing a robbery for a bunch of drugs they had in the apartment. The victim had a huge line across his neck. The suspect was high out of his mind, and we ended up finding a bunch of marijuana plants in the apartment, it ended up being a little growing house. As we are doing the search warrent on the house its already been two hours all the sudden i hear one of my partners yell what the hell.. Some guy was hiding in a big heap of clothes. The guy ended up having a few thousand dollars on him and a big bag of meth. turns out we ended up arresting the guy who was getting robbed and not the guy who was doing the robbery.
- You neverknow what your going to get you think your going to walk into this known environment and anything can happen.
-This goes back to when i said no call is ever the same, you always have to be prepaired. Why do you think you wanted to be an officer?
- No one in my family is invovled in law enforcement, my father worked for the rail road and my mother cleaned houses. All of my family ended up in public service, My sister is a nurse, my brother is a firefighter, and im a cop.
I really had no intentions of being a cop, then I took a Law Enforcement class in high school and I was really impressed with the officer who taught the class, his stories were interesting to me. Most stressful call?
- It was a domestic situation where the female said her husband poined a shot gun at her saying he was going to kill her. We got there and we could hear him throwing stuff around in the house, and she is out in the driveway crying, she was also extreamly drunk. Its stressful when you have something on going and you need to find the legal reasons to make sure your following proper procedures on things and that can get stressful at times.
- you have to make a lot of quick decisions in this line of work and if you make a bad decision, now it gets scrutinized by your boss, by your bosses boss, by the attorneys in the case and judges.
- In this call the female refused to give us a statement on what happened and could not describe what the gun looked like. Yet she said he was going to shoot her, so we have all of these cops who want to go in and confront this guy, but you dont have a victim saying this happened.
-What would be your legal baises for being in the house at this point? We dont have a victim who is reporting a crime, and she cannot even describe what the gun looks like? I could get sued and I could get civilly sued for all of my stuff, I could lose my job.
What is something that you think officers should be more aware of?
- When you have contact with the public try to make it as positive and professional as possible because if that is the only contact they have with Law Enforcement that impression will stay with them the rest of their lifes.
-Cops tend to become pessimistic sometimes they deal with come people who compleatly are against the police, and the long days.
-If someone calls the police for help and your a jerk to them do you think they are really going to want to call the police again?
-People lose perpective of this stuff some times, I try to keep this in the back of my mind all the time, especially the simple concept of how easy it is to let this slide. Nick Newton
Oakdale Police
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