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Antisocial Personality Disorder

No description

Khinyamohn Aung

on 21 June 2018

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Transcript of Antisocial Personality Disorder

Antisocial Personality Disorder
Many are able to lead normal lives
High percentage of people who have the some symptoms of this disorder are CEOs of top companies or businesses.
on the other hand, there are some who lead criminal lives
ex. school shooters, serial killers, etc.
Ted Bundy
Described as intelligent, competent, successful, charming
Masters of psychology at the University of Utah
Worked as a responder for a suicide hotline
Killed around 30 young woman (as young as 16) and later sexually assaulting them
Video Ted Bundy (1:10 - 1:58)
Interview with anonymous with ASPD (2:57 - 4:57)
Antisocial personality disorder, by age and sex
individuals who tend to disregard and violate the rights of others around them.

tend to antagonize, manipulate or treat others harshly or with callous indifference.

show no guilt or remorse for their behavior.

consistently shows no regard for right and wrong

sometimes called sociopathy
What is it?
Biological Factors
Decreased stimulation
Decreased activity in prefrontal cortex and temporal lobes
Little autonomic nervous system arousal
Deprivation of neurotransmitter serotonin
Psychological/Environmental Factors
Child abuse
Inappropriate/erratic discipline
Broken homes
Inability to form secure emotional bonds
Biological Facts
Twin adoption studies:
"Biological relatives of those with antisocial and unemotional tendencies are at increased risk for antisocial behavior." (Myers, 2011)

Boys who later become aggressive or antisocial: impulsive, unconcerned with social rewards and low in anxiety.

Before committing crime, show lower levels of stress hormones
Typical example
May be witty or charming
Lie, steal, cheat
Continue to break the law
Angry, arrogant
Good at manipulating others
Show no guilt
Andrew Bill
Early childhood: went from caregiver to caregiver at early age, early sexual abuse
Childhood: Aggression and violent, anger seemed to be the only way to express his emotions
Adult: Double life: computer technician and criminal
Now: Learned ways to become a responsible and caring father, always needed stimulation (permanently bored and restless) so now he does this through exercise. Capable of love and empathy towards loved ones but not towards others,
Typically a male, lack of morals becomes apparent before age 15 as they lie, steal, show unrestrained sexual behaviour

Half of these children: unable to keep a job, irresponsible as a parent or spouse, assaultive
1. What is one factor in causing anti-social personality disorder?
a) Childhood abuse
b) Heredity
d) all of the above

2. ASPD usually affects:
a) Men more than women
b) Women more than men
c) All genders about the same

3. A characteristic you may not find in someone with ASPD are:
a) Charming
b) Aggressive
c) Empathic

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