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The Road

No description

Quinn Gavin

on 18 July 2014

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Transcript of The Road

The Man
The Boy
And we’re still going south.
So we’ll be warm.
Okay what?
Just okay.
Go to sleep.
Should you read it?
Bleak Landscape
Almost Always on Road
No World Location
No Specified Year or Time
Tries to be loving
Expresses Stereotypical
Fatherly Love
Love & Kindness soon falls
Suppressed Curiosity
Expresses Stereotypical
Child Love
Wants to be Kind
Third Person Limited
-It cant be third person omnipresent
-It cant be first person
-Second Person? C'mon..
Its the way it has to be
Point of View
Labeled by many
as one of the books
of the decade
Relatability to the man and the boy, their love is profoundly true.
The bleak and lifeless tone of the
post apocalyptic setting
The emotional shattering and heart
breaking the book causes.
Ideas Promoted
Historical Influence
Present Day Relevance
Human love and emotion when in a survival state
Hope and
Lack of Hope
A "what if" novel
Relevant so long as there remains
the chance of catastrophic tragedy
Published in 2006
Humans now have had the capability
of self destruction for a long time now.
Scientists have found apoctalyptic
potential in many possible natural
Movie Adaptation
The Road
Presented by Quinn, Chris, Vidur and Sandeep
The End
Good Reviews
Relays emotion of book well
Doesn't have same mastery of emotion as McCarthy
Writing Style
-Sentence Structure
Point of View
Writing Style
by Cormac McCarthy
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