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About Me

ICT8 assignment

Megan Yang

on 28 September 2012

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Transcript of About Me

This is my ICT8 assignment! Hello! My name is Megan! In this Prezi, you will learn about: ME!!!! Dad: Gary Sister: Selina Family Members: Mom: Tiffany ME!!! Best School Experience: GRAD!!! Worst School Experience: Painting~ Hobbies: This is a painting of a California Quail on a rock. Yes, I painted it. I spent 3 hours painting it, and trust me... with only black, white, red, yellow, and blue paint, getting the colours was HARD! Piano~ No, I don't exactly play piano... I play for fun, so I don't take lessons-which is why I suck :) Did I mention I can't read music sheets? X Jobs/ Volunteering In other words, I don't have a job, and I don't volunteer anywhere... Actually, I sort of have a job. And that job is to go to school every day and be a good student :) NEW HEIGHTS!!! Favourite Band: These are two of my favourite songs of theirs! :) In fact, I love all their songs - THEY ARE AWESOME!!! XD You should really check them out... The background music for this prezi is called "Tell Me It's Real". It's by New Heights, too! :D Yes, it was fun, unforgettable, and truly AWESOME! Back To the Future: Part 1
Back To the Future: Part 2
Back To the Future: Part 3 Great Movies: OK, sorry, but the TV shows I watch aren't in English... I like to watch Taiwan and Japanese dramas and mysteries :) Favourite TV schows: Hey... My hobbies change all the time... These two are my current hobbies: Peaches Take Me On I have LOTS of favourite foods! But mostly, my favourite foods are seafood! That includes SUSHI!!! Favourite Food: Why I'm taking this course: 1. Ok, at first, I didn't even know that ICT existed; let alone wanted to choose it. ICT? Never heard of it... 2. We did our course selections!!! I chose Tec., textiles, and food :) Yes, that is lego. No, I don't eat lego. It just looked cool! 3. Something happened with the grade 8's electives, so we had to re-choose our electives again... Seriously?... 4. Our elective choices were changed. There were three sets of options for us to choose from. Unfortunately, I could no longer choose the combination I wanted... NOOO! 5. I felt torn trying to choose between option 1 and option 2... 6. In the end, I chose option 1, which had art, drafting, drama, graphics,info technology, metalwork, textiles, and woodwork Wait... what's info
technology? Our schedules came out in July- but my electives showed up as EXPLR8... I had no idea what I actually got for my electives... Who's Teacher 6? What
are my electives? 8. Our schedules disappeared soon after... 9. The schedules re-appeared in late August. My elective teachers changed, but I still didn't know what my classes were... EXPLR8... Clarke
and Ng...? 10. School started, and it was finally time for me to find out what my electives were! YAYYY!!! 7. 11. I found out that my EXPLR8D with Mr. Clarke was in the computer room... Could this be...
Info Technology? 12. Turns out that yes, it WAS Info Technology- It was ICT!!! THE END! Thank you for watching! Maybe it's because I enjoy school a LOT, but I cant think of a bad school experience... :P sorry? What I hope to gain from this course: I hope to become better with computer programs after this course :)
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