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WordPress Introduction 2013

No description

Martin Sekel

on 29 January 2013

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Transcript of WordPress Introduction 2013

"But you say it's costly, complex & time consuming" Foundation Drive So what now? Emma Chisett? - to learn
- to develop
- to promote
- to profit
- to grow
- to share
- to do So what is WordPress?

WordPress provides us with a
'Dashboard' and controls that
enable us to create and edit our own website content. Dashboard
Themes / Design
Pages Wordpress - Am I interested?
- Do I want more information?
- Do I want to convert my site?
- Who wants a website?
- Do I want to see how to use WP?
- Any questions? Can range..
1000 - 10,000NIS and more...

Depends on needs and budget..
personal effort.. technical ability etc.

Best option is to sit down and look
at all facets of the business and put
together a package that best fits
individual needs A brief introduction more info... Just The Begining... Thank You! Why are we here? "Online presence and exposure is absolutely necessary" Not when you use So guess what? Website !! " - Used by over 78 million
- Open source with massive community
- Stable, versatile & expandable
- little guys and also Fortune 500's
- Great for blogs, websites & ecommerce
- Easy to use and manage
- Relatively cheap to setup and maintain
- Puts you in control ! DeSign Themes
- Custom
or even
- Convert existing
website Core " [is an online software that] ^
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