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The Lightning Thief

No description

kendall goode

on 22 April 2010

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Transcript of The Lightning Thief

The Lightning Theif Chapter 9 & 10
Percy gets miserable because he feels alone.
If the bolt is not returned by the summer solstice, the gods will have a war.
Percy's mom married gabe to hide the smell of Percy because the gods can smell a semi-god.
Chapter 1
Percy wanted to stay out of trouble but then he found out that Mrs. Dodds wanted something from him at the museum but he didn't know what! Chapter 2
Percy wants to know what Mr. Brunner and Grover are talking about and he then figures out that they are talking about him. Chapter 3
Percy's mom feeds Percy blue food because blue food means she is not fully attached and it reminds her of Percy's father. Chapter 4
Grover gets mad because Percy calls him a donkey. Percy also got in a car crash going to camp because of lightning. Chapter 5
They challenge the minotaur while going to camp half blood. Chapter 6
Percy is at camp but the girl Clarise doesn't like him so Percy sprayed her with toilet water. Chapter 7
Percy wanted to find out who his dad was but he couldn't yet so he put a peice of chicken in the fire to share with the gods. Chapter 8
Everyone in camp is trying to get the other teams flag and Percy got cut but once he got in water, he got stronger.
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