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SmartRover - 멀티콥터 개발환경과 제어 App

제2회 오픈 로보틱스 세미나 Day 1 - 6th session 발표 자료

황 우상

on 22 May 2015

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Transcript of SmartRover - 멀티콥터 개발환경과 제어 App

Smart Rover
멀티콥더 개발환경과 제어 App
제 2 회 오픈 로보틱스 세미나
제 6 세션
Why use eclipse?
to my family
to community
to you
Future of SmartRover
Smart Rover
SmartRover Control App download
발표자 : 황우상 (바이커)
Development Environment Elements
JDK v1.6.0_45 (included)
Eclipse CDT + ADT (kepler SR2)
Eclipse Plug-in
GNU tools for ARMEmbedded Processors (tool chain)
Build Tools (make, rm, echo)
MultiWii Config v2.3
stm32ld command line&GUI tool
OpenCM IDE v1.0.2
arduino v1.5.7 beta (+skyrover lib.)
Pre-built binaries
Android Device Requirements
Android OS 4.3 or later
Bluetooth LE 4.0
펌웨어 개발과 android 앱 개발 공통 tool
범용 툴로서 많은 개발자 사용 (무료)
다양한 OS 지원
수많은 plug-in
CVS, SVN, Git 등 SCM 연결 및 협업에 적합
비설치형태. 배포 편리
Source Trace, Code Suggestion
개발자 요구 환경 적용 유리
Android App.
Eclipse Support OS
Eclipse Support SCM
* SCM : Software Configuration Management
Compile & Build Tools
build tools
Build Mechanism - Firmware
Eclipse IDE
GNU ARM plug-in
Development Environment
& Control App.
Git clone
Make apk
Compile & Build Tools
Android SDK
Build Mechanism - Control App.
Eclipse IDE
ADT plug-in
Git clone
Make Binary
Control App. UI [ HUD ]
Control App. UI [ Connect ]
Control App. UI [ Setting ]
Control App. [ Communication ]
왼손 모드 (mode 1)
Arm Motors
Disarm Motors
Throttle and Rotational Joystick
Status Bar
Pitch and Roll
Altitude Hold
on / off
Green LED blink
Green LED on
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