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Compare and Contrast the British, French and Spanish Empires

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doug dinardo

on 13 September 2013

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Transcript of Compare and Contrast the British, French and Spanish Empires

Compare and Contrast the British, French and Spanish Empires in America.
Spanish Empire
Came over and started colonizing in the 1500's
Explorers came over to find gold
Spanish Colonies grew quickly
Spanish Empire
First Spanish College was found in 1551 in mexico

They treated the Pueblo Indians poorly which lead to Battle of Acoma.
Spain found a few furs and some gold when they came over.
They're main focus other than those two things was converting indians to Christianity
This lead to Popes Rebellion which involved the indians.
Started colonizing in Canada first.
When they first got there they made peace with the Huron indians
They also made enimies of the Iroquois indians.
France started colonizing because they wanted an Empire
People did not come over for religious reasons
Government of New France was under direct control of the king.
France had one valuable resource in the beaver which caused people to move a bit
France also tried to conver indians to Christianity.
This upset the indians and made the indians attack the French
France had a good bit of land
They discovered both Detroit and Louisiana
England originally started colonizing to build an empire and keep up in the race with Spain and France
England's colonies became much more though
England's colonies prospered in economics
In the south they had big plantations and everything was about getting land to farm
In the north business and trade were a big part of their way of life
The north also relied on joint-stock companies
Many English people migrated over to the new word for religious reasons.
They would come over to avoid religious persecutions.
The English people also had bad relations with the indians.
Even though English colonies were ruled by England, they set up small governments in each colony.
The people in the English colonies also set up more of a perminent home.
All of the colonies had conflicts with indians
The Spanish and French colonies were both ruled completely by their home country
Spanish and French settlers tried to convert indians to Christianity
All started colonizing to make empires for their country
Spanish and French both had large amounts of land
English colonies only had a little bit of land
England actually set up the colonies as a home
English settlers immigrated for religious reasons
English settlers had more economic opertunities
French settlers made peace with some indians
English settlers set up their own government in the colonies
The End
Doug DiNardo
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